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Qualicum Beach

Qualicum Beach Promenade
Qualicum Beach

Four kilometers of curving, postcard-perfect sand gives the town of Qualicum Beach its name. When the tide is high, sightseers, bikers, hikers and their dogs keep to dry ground by utilizing the paved promenade that fronts one of Vancouver Island and BCs most storied beaches.

The promenade is lined with picnic tables, shade trees, a wash/change room, and lots of parking. Romance seekers find dinner and a sunset hand-in-hand stroll a wonderful way to rekindle that flame.

Qualicum's beach is home to most of the town's resorts and a number of seaside restaurants to enjoy the spectacular view.

Go for a swim, rent a kayak, cool down with an ice cream cone, read a book, or just watch the kids have the time of their lives. Qualicum Beach is also known for the famous ocean mile swim.

All this makes Qualicum Beach a favourite spot for visitors and locals alike.

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