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Lighthouse Country

A Lighthouse Country Beach at sunset
Lighthouse Country beach during herring spawn

Those in search of true privacy find it in the secluded coves of ďLighthouse CountryĒ. At Oceanside's north end, the beaches become narrower, the golden sand replaced by sprawling beds of wave-washed rock.

Tougher on the toes, perhaps, but a great spot that will make an amateur marine biologist out of every member of the family. Turn over larger stones and watch the hermit crabs scuttle away. And keep your eyes peeled, these northern beaches are prime for beachcombing.

Nile Creek Estuary, near Bowser, is a rarely visited pebble beach with great views of the Chrome Island lighthouse. Sea lions, seals, cruise ships and even the rare passing pod of killer whales are among the sights, and that makes binoculars and a digital camera essential.

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