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Relocation - Central Vancouver Island Real Estate

Enjoy the beach 365 days a year! Learn more about Central Vancouver Island real estate, multiple realestate listings vancouver island bc.

Why Relocate to Parksville Qualicum Beach or Invest in Central Vancouver Island Real Estate?

A superior quality of life
Given the steady influx of new residents, the community embraces fresh faces warmly and quickly. Once youíre settled, join one of the myriad clubs or societies and get involved in living the good life!

Essential community services
Parksville Qualicum Beach is thoroughly equipped with modern emergency service infrastructures. The RCMP, the BC Ambulance Service and local fire departments are on call 24 hours. The area has a full complement of physicians, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, x-ray ultrasound clinics, and holistic naturopathic specialists. Urgent care is provided at the new Oceanside Health Centre in Parksville. The Nanaimo Regional General Hospital is a half-hour south of Parksville.

The enviable temperate climate
Parksville Qualicum Beach is one sunny spot with 2,047 hours of brilliant sunshine every year. Fact: On average, Parksville gets 95 centimeters of rain annually with the average temperature of 14C Ė about the same as San Francisco. July averages 23.5C and January is sweater weather at 4.7C.

A vibrant economy
The bottom line: the economy here is hot and booming. The business sector is dominated by tourism and retirement related industries. Retail, consumer, health and educational services are also strong in Parksville Qualicum Beach. The continuing demand for Vancouver Island real estate has created a huge demand for skilled trades people. Major developments include a slew of new resorts and condominium projects as well as the Parksville Civic and Technology Centre.

Whether you are looking for a healthy, safe community to start a new family and career or you want to retire in the best possible location in Canada, Parksville Qualicum Beach is right for you. Oceanview home sites, new patio home neighbourhoods, and a wealth of year-round recreational opportunities make this part of Vancouver Island very desirable.

Whichever one or combination of reasons draw newcomers, they all find the same basic things: a vibrant and growing multi-dimensional economy; modern facilities and services; a wealth of recreational, arts and leisure activities; welcoming service and hobby clubs; easy access to the rest of BC, Canada and the world; and (this may be the clincher for those who want a bang for their buck) relatively inexpensive living. Itís all about living the good life!

Learn More About Central Vancouver Island Real Estate

Connect with Central Vancouver Island real estate agents and storage facilities in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region. While you're at it, order a relocation package from the Parksville and District Chamber of Commerce.

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