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Everyone loves animals, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to ogle, admire and sometimes stroke them here in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region of Vancouver Island, BC. Check out these animal / wildlife attractions on your own or hire a local tour company like Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours to help you explore Vancouver Island.

City kids eager for a taste of country life are in for a treat at Errington’s Tiger Lily Farm, where youngsters can mingle with lambs, goats and chickens, ride ponies and maybe even bottle-feed a calf. Morningstar Farm (home of Little Qualicum Cheeseworks) not only produces award winning cheeses but offers self guided tours of the farm. Check out how the process actually works, try some samples and take some delicious cheeses home for later.

The North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre is a red-cross service for injured or orphaned BC wildlife (eagles, owls, hawks and even the occasional bear) that opens its doors to the public.

Butterfly World and Gardens and the World Parrot Refuge are also popular draws for visitors eager to see these graceful denizens of the air. The creepy crawly set struts its stuff at Butterfly World’s Big Bug Jungle.

And the salmon is king at the Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery, where a self-guided Vancouver Island nature tour allows one to linger and learn.

Visitor Comments
lorene kimura
Tiger Lily Farms; I have been there several times and it is such a wonderful place to go and take the family. You have a great opportunity to visit and interact with farm animals that you may not normally have a chance to see. Ever milk a goat? Here is your chance and then you can help feed the young goats besides. Ever look for eggs that are not Easter eggs? Here is your chance; you can lift the lids and maybe be lucky to find a warm egg that the chickens have just laid. That is only a couple of things you can see and do. There are chicks, and bunnies, and calves, yes even a pony ride. You can even take a trail ride with some of the staff if you want. The staff are so pleasant and helpful it will become a place to you want to visit every year like I do.

Entered: 5/30/2013 9:33:30 PM
sally gihhgcs

Entered: 6/1/2012 4:49:18 PM
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