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Parksville & Qualicum Beach in the Media

From Vancouver Island golf to floating orbs and from RVing to wildlife, travel media love writing about the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region. Check out some of the recent articles that have been written about the region below.

Langley Times (Langley, BC)
Southern Island a haven for Canada’s snowbirds

By: Margo Malcolm November 4, 2007
Baby bombers are making their annual southern winter-escape migration. However, those winds are blowing more south-west these days and landing many a migratory traveler on the soft sandy shore of Vancouver Island, in the year-round seaside destination of Parksville and Qualicum Beach.
Alaska Highway News (Fort St. John, BC)
Star Phoenix (Saskatoon, SK)
The Leader Post (Regina, SK)
Pacific Shores Resort and Spa good for the environment, good for you!

By: Darah Hansen Canwest News Service November 2, 2007
Resort developer Andy Pearson is thrilled with the green elements of his new $77-million “baby.” Among the featured characteristics of the new building – which is being built to Gold LEED standards – is a system of manmade ponds designed to catch rainwater off the surrounding driveways and parkade and circulate the runoff, through a bio-filtration system in a wide loop around the new facility.
Grand Magazine (Kitchener Ontario)
Sleeping in the treetops

By: Rosalind Horne October 31, 2007
Nerves aside, quiet setting beckons in room with a view. Retreat to the treetops? Why not? Our nature-loving spirits led us to Vancouver Island and a stay in a spherical cabin suspended from the trees in a beautiful coniferous forest.
Boat Journal Destinations
Parksville and Qualicum Beach,
At Long Last

By: Diane Selkirk September 2007
Moor your boat at one of the many marinas and the fun can start! This stretch of the coast has been a long-time favourite of holiday makers and the area is overflowing with great restaurants, unique attractions and beautiful nature.
The San Diego Union Tribune
Gorgeous Greens

By: Tod Leonard September 23, 2007
Basically, their summers are like San Diego’s. The coastal temperatures don’t get much above 80, and your never more than a few miles from the ocean. What they have that we don’t is dense forest that runs to the coastline that makes for the kind of scenic golf we can only find in California at Pebble Beach.
Times Colonist
Suspended habitation

By: Rebecca Osler September 2007
Tom Chudleigh's spheres hang from the trees, creating a home in the forest without having to clear the property. And owners can rest assured that they’re not harming the environment. When a Free Spirit Sphere is removed, it barely leaves a trace and this appeals to Chudleigh's belief in leaving a lighter footprint on the planet.
Calgary Herald
Light shed on underground wonders

By: Jeff Lukovich August 4, 2007
Much of the island is an ancient limestone seabed that has been upthrusted by tectonic forces… Over tens of thousands of years, melt – water from successive ice ages and that liquid sunshine we know so well on the West Coast have combined to carve out elaborate cave systems while depositing calcite to create spectacular crystal formations.
BC Homes & Resort Magazine
Cabin Fever

By: Kelly Wharton August, 2007
Further down the Island, Lisa Moulatsiotis, based at Coldwell Banker Vancouver Island Realty’s Parksville office, says requests from her mostly baby boomer clients are for recreation homes to be used now or rented until retirement.
The Globe And Mail
Taking stressed birds under their wing

By: Cinda Chavich July 31, 2007
With individual birds selling for up to $15,000, the trafficking of wild birds is on the rise, accounting for a significant part of the estimated $10 – billion to $20 billion international exotic wildlife trade. According to the World Wildlife Fund, 94 of the world’s 330 parrot species are threatened with extinction.
Vancouver Sun
Who Turned Out The Lights?

By: Jeff Lukovich July 28, 2007
Aren’t there days when you’d like to crawl into a cave? Well, you’re in luck, because with more than 1,000 caves, Vancouver Island is considered by many to be the Mecca of Canadian caving.
The Globe And Mail
Just drive, they say! The Other side of Vancouver Island – Oceanside

By: Julie Ovenell-Carter July 21, 2007
Retirees have long favoured this area, recently dubbed Oceanside, but as housing prices climb ever higher in Vancouver and Victoria, there are more young families and empty nesters relocating here and revitalizing the communities in the process.
Seattle Magazine
Close Quarters

By: Craig S. Bower July 2007
We scramble deeper down the dry, seasonal riverbed, and soon numersous calcite formations appear. Our guide illuminates the Guardian Wolf, a life sized sculpture howling 10 feet above our heads. “He’s the Guardian because if anyone touches the calcite, he’ll spring to life, chase down the offender and turn him to stone,” he jokes.
The Record
Canada’s cave industry growing

Kitchener Ontario for the web: June 23, 2007
Carefully shuffle to the edge of the ledge to the ‘Rainbarrel’ – it’s a seven – storey straight drop. Far below are the helmet beams of fellow cavers, yellow pinpricks of light. The guide adjusts the rope and motions you over. Time to rappel into the abyss!
The Hamilton Spectator
Going deep into caverns and grottoes; ‘Underground’ tourism; Seeing Canada from the inside.

By: Dean Bennett June 23, 2007
Inside, every room is a natural multimillennial installation exhibit of immaculate karst art: stalactites and stalagmites, as well as exotically named features like bacon strips, brain rock and moon milk, plus a nine story sculpture of calcite crystal.
Guelph Mercury
Canada’s cave industry growing

By: Dean Bennett June 23, 2007
Seniors, families, 20-somethings, visitors from the U.K. Asia and the U.S., weekenders with a passing speleological interest and extreme adventures are finding fun this summer by going underground across Canada.
Toronto Sun
Lessons in relaxation: Destination Parksville, BC

By: Jose Rodriguez June 19, 2007
Call it a lesion in the three Rs: Rest, relaxation and romance. Tucked under the giant Douglas firs and within earshot of the lapping ocean, the Tigh Na Mara Seaside Spa Resort and Conference Centre on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island is an idyllic, postcard getaway that serves as a perfect antidote for the frantic pace of life outside this tree lined oasis.
Canadian News Wire (Toronto, Ontario)
Going underground: caves appeal to families, extreme adventures

By: Dean Bennett June 18, 2007
The guide adjusts the rope and motions you over. Time to rappel into the abyss! Riverbend, part of Horne Lake Caverns, is one of the signature stops in growing caving tourist industry.
The Vancouver Sun
Fairwinds thinks green

By: The Vancouver Sun June 16, 2007
Increasingly, developers and builders are thinking green. At Fairwinds on picturesque Nanoose Bay, sustainable living and environmental sensibility are far more than catchwords, but have been put firmly into practice in the master-planned neighbourhood’s Green Solutions Demonstration Home.
Parksville – Qualicum News
Summer Fun in regional parks

By: James Clarke June 15, 2007
There’s an activity here for everyone. Sit back and relax by the lake or challenge yourself with a cavern tour. Gather the family together for a guided nature walk or enter the Horne Lake Amazing Race. Reward yourself with a canoe paddle in the evening light and end the day by the campfire.
The Province
Morningstar Glory

By: Kent Gilchrist June 11, 2007
Morningstar really begins to bare its teeth with a tough, three-hole stretch of par 4s beginning with the fifth hole. The toughest of the three is probably No. 7, which plays 464 yards from the tips. If you are not long enough to carry the fairway bunkers on the left side, you are left trying to deposit your drive in a very narrow landing area….. par here will feel like a birdie.
The New York Times
Need a Room? Why Not Try the Drain Pipe

By: Jennifer Conlin June 3, 2007
Forget luxury tents and designer pods. The newest trend in alternative hotel accommodation is a combination of the two – a compact, minimally decorated space set in the great outdoors. On Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Tom Chudleigh has built two wooden spheres that allow visitors to literally hang out for the night in a forest in Qualicum Bay.
The Now Newspaper
Fun in the Sun

By: Tom Zillich June 2007
In late spring, even before the summer busy season arrives, the days are mostly about fun in the Parksville Sun.
The Georgia Straight
Sleep in a sphere that swings from the stars

By: Lauren Kramer May 24, 2007
I am grateful for the absence of music the night my companion and I relax in Eryn, the larger of the two spheres. It’s comforting up here in the treetops, in this small, peaceful, organic space. We watch the geese Chudleigh inherited when he rented this property swim gracefully on the pond. An eve – so – slight breeze rocks Eryn softly and as darkness descends we are lulled to sleep by this rhythmic slow dance.
Our Canada Our Country, Our Stories
Coming Home to Qualicum Beach

By: Kathleen Wilson May 2007
After years of working abroad, there’s no place like home! Even now, after being home for several years, I still like to ponder what makes my hometown to Qualicum Beach so special. Visitors are instantly drawn into the community by the friendliness of the people and the sheer beauty of the place.
Edmonton Journal
Duffers’ mecca by the sea: Vancouver Island golfers’ paradise

By: Kathy McCormick April 21, 2007
The Oceanside area on the east coast of Vancouver Island, which includes Qualicum Beach and Parksville, is a mecca for golf enthusiasts. Not only are the courses playable almost every day of the year, there are six within a half-hour drive fro anywhere in the region and another seven less than an hour away.
Calgary Herald
Join the Club; Vancouver Island resort one of many planned for Parksville area Series: Island Dreaming

By: Marty Hope and Kathy McCormick April 14, 2007
At the time Sandcastle received its development permit approval The Beach Club – a recreational housing development with full ownership high rise suites, quarter ownership condo hotel and a commercial/retail area – it carried a pricetag of $50 million. But in the interim, escalating labour and material costs have pushed up the bill.
Calgary Herald
Mild climate attracts buyers; Retirees almost half of community Series: Island Dreaming

By: Marty Hope and Kathy McCormick April 14, 2007
Although Parksville enjoys a four season climate, its is not unusual to see golfers on the course in January while skiers enjoy the deep powder of nearby mountains and boaters are out enjoying the ocean.
Calgary Herald
Golfers can enjoy game almost every day Series: Island Dreaming

By: Kathy McCormick April 14, 2007
Not only are there courses playable almost every day of the year, there are six within a half hour drive from anywhere in the region, and another seven less than an hour away.
Calgary Herald
Catch wave of projects at Oceanside; Parksville area on Vancouver Island Series: Island Dreaming

By: Marty Hope and Kathy McCormick April 14, 2007
The Oceanside area of Vancouver Island, with Parksville as its hub, continues to be a strong recreational and retirement area for Calgarians. To this end, the region has a varied selection of homes to cater to various price ranges: The Beach Club; Eaglewood; Fairwinds; Seascape; Sunrise Ridge Resort and Tanglewood.
Cottage Magazine
Van Isle’s Golden Globes

By: Beverly Cramp April 2007
Circular dwellings suspended high above the forest floor? Welcome to the Free Spirit Spheres, Canada's most unique cottages.
Northwest Travel Magazine
By: John Lund March/April 2007
Veronica's Garden: Fit for a Queen. Milner Gardens and Woodland, a gardeners paradise near Qualicum Beach, has been visited by Queen Elizabeth and other royals.
Calgary Herald
Spring breakaway: Some fun destinations for the whole family – near and not so far.

By: Lisa Kadane March 24, 2007
It’s not tropical, but at least Vancouver Island is surrounded by water. It’s also actually experiencing spring during Calgary’s spring break, as evidence by the multitude of tulips on display. But this visit go beyond garden and beaches.
Harbour City Star
Coombs goats arrive in 1973

By: Walter Cordery March 17, 2007
“After the fair, somebody needed a place to store the goats and there was already grass on the roof as Kristian wanted it to be similar to buildings in Norway. From what I’ve heard the goats went up on Saturday night after the fair.” The rest is history.
Times Colonist
Black Brant Festival celebrates nature

By: Louise Dickson March 10, 2007
The Brant Wildlife Festival isn’t simply a celebration of the return of the black brant goose to the beaches in the Parksville & Qualicum area. “We’re celebrating the entire eco-system,” said festival coordinator Donna Monty. “Sharing of knowledge and adventure are the order of the day.”
Harbour City Star
Qualicum magical spot the dream and creation of Veronica Milner

Nanaimo March 7, 2007
Old growth Douglas firs and cedars frame views of the Strait of Georgia, as well as a small orchard, berry and vegetable garden, more than 400 varieties of rhododendrons, blue-green hostas, fragrant honeysuckle and lace-cape hydrangeas.
Pacific Golf Magazine
Off the Course on the Vancouver Island Golf Trail

By: Andrew Penner February 2007
The world's premier island vacation spot is just across the Strait of Georgia. Fairwinds, Morningstar and Pheasant Glen offer stellar golf experiences amid towering cedar trees, stirring ocean and mountain views and the kind of warm, salty air the prairie folk dream of.
Reader's Digest
Brian, the Campbells & Friends

By: John Gradon February 2007
An informal network of Vancouver Island wildlife lovers works to save an atrociously injured bald eagle. When much of your beak is missing, keen eagle instincts probably tell you that you need all the help you can get.
Cottage Magazine
Island Exploring

By: Dona Naylor February 2007
Thanks to a mild climate, road tripping on Vancouver Island is perfect any time of year. The urge is familiar; I am drawn to the road in anticipation of adventure and discovery.
Nanaimo Daily News
A well-rounded treehouse

By: Danielle Bell February 1, 2007
Appealing to the young, adventurous types, builder and designer Tom Chudleigh calls Free Spirit Spheres “a habitat for the untamed. Frustrated with conventionally square rooms that are separated by panels, colour and texture, Chudleigh wanted to create a feeling of oneness.
MacLean's Magazine
By: Amy Rosen February 2007
Please don't call them trailer parks. RV parks have gone upscale. Surfside RV Resort in Parksville gets a 5 star rating.
Nanaimo News Bulletin
Spa lifestyle easy to enjoy

By: Alistair Taylor January 27, 2007
The Grotto is the epitome of elegant ambiance. Added to the Grotto were three extravagant spa suites for two, the lavender relaxation lounges, an outdoor balcony complete with lavender garden and the Treetop Tapas Bar and Grill.
Harbour City Star
Fantasy homes seen in the trees; Qualicum man suspends spheres from ropes.

By: Danielle Bell January 20, 2007
“It came to me through meditation and dreams,” said Chudleigh of his vision nearly two decades ago from “the spirit world.” Chudleigh has spent many nights with Eryn, meditating, relaxing and escaping life’s daily pressures. “It’s a really healing spot.”
National Post
Spirits in the Sky

By: Amy Rosen January 2007
No, it's not a UFO, and there’s no LSD involved. Free Spirit Spheres are beautifully crafted module dwellings using a marriage of tree house and sailboat technology. Tom Chudleigh, inventor & creator of the spheres calls them "a habitat for the untamed spirit."
Calgary Herald
Hanging around the treehouse

By: Amy Rosen January 2007
Chudleigh, 55 says the inspiration to build his Free Spirit Spheres came to him in the early 1990's from the other side – the spirit realm. With time, investors and a little luck, Tom Chudleigh hopes to build and hang 20 of the spheres, a sort of utopian village in the trees.
Pacific Coastal Airlines
By: Lisa Foeste January 2007
Spelunking, the art of cave exploration - Horne Lake Caves on Vancouver Island is awarded Best Natural Outdoor Site by Attractions Canada. Located near Qualicum Beach, Horne Lake Caves offers visitors intrigue and understanding of the world down under.
British Columbia Magazine
By: Michelle Rainer Fall 2006
Lodging, Odd pods. Errington's Tom Chudleigh has designed and built Free Spirit Spheres, wooden orbs that sleep four and hang from the trees.
Good Times
By: Carolyn Walton October 2006
Retiring on Canada's Riviera, This Pacific paradise beckons. It’s not surprising why so many people choose to retire to an active lifestyle in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.
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