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Attractions - Mini-Golf, Gardens, Wildlife

Riptide Lagoon Mini-Golf
North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

Parksville Qualicum Beach comes up big in terms of Vancouver Island attractions that appeal to the entire family.

Trying to do everything would fill multiple vacations. But in a few days or a week, itís possible to squawk it up with hundreds of parrots, get up-close and personal with the goats on the roof at the Coombs Market, butterflies and bugs, stroll among hundreds of exotic orchids, restage great naval battles with bumper boats, and settle in for a spot of Earl Grey at a delightful cottage built back in the Brideshead Revisited era. Bottom line? Itís too much for one stay, and that could explain why families come back to Oceanside for generations.

Not only does the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region have loads of attractions to keep the family coming back for more, all these attractions are located really closely together. That means that you can fill your day with fun instead of bucking traffic.

Whether you want to plan theme days (ie. mini-golf, nature and wildlife, gardens) or cruise our communities casually, you will find plenty of fun and interesting things to do.

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