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Central Vancouver Island Events & Festivals

Parksville Beach Festival has famous Vancouver Island events featuring massive sand sculptures throughout the month of August
Brant Geese are celebrated every Spring with the Brant Wildlife Festival.  This central Vancouver Island festival features educational events about wildlife and the environment.

Parksville & Qualicum Beach - Vancouver Island Events Central

No matter when you visit, the central Vancouver Island events calendar is bound to offer something of interest. There are over 140 annual events and festivals in the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region alone.

The central Vancouver Island events calendar includes traditional favourites with long histories including the Brant Wildlife Festival, Fathers' Day Show n Shine, and the Coombs Fair as well as one of North America’s most widely-recognized and popular events, the Parksville Beach Festival. Parksville is also known for having one of the largest small town Canada Day parades in Western Canada.

Equally unique and entertaining are weekends dedicated to farmers' markets and food & wine, volleyball, childrens' entertainment, mountain biking, music and uplifting Christmas craft events.

Circle dates on a calendar or simply let fate be your guide by dropping in on whatever’s up-and-running during your visit. Either way, check the our Central Vancouver Island Events Calendar ahead of time, pick-up our Discovery Guide, or stop in at a Visitor Centre when you get here. You can even get the events calendar on your mobile device at!

Want More Central Vancouver Island Events Info?

Click on the Events Calendar to the left. Also check out the Arrowsmith Calendar for community event info specific to the Errington, Coombs, Hilliers, Whiskey Creek, Meadowood area that may not be on our calendar.

Promote Central Vancouver Island Events

Are you an event organizer? Know of any new or relatively unknown events that need promotion? Submit Parksville & Qualicum Beach events to our calendar and a staffer will review and activate them usually within 24 hours.

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