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Hamilton Marsh

Hamilton Marsh is just minutes from Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island. Hamilton Marsh is located just minutes from the Town of Qualicum Beach. This beautiful wetland is 3 kilometers long and 1/2 kilometer wide - the largest wetland between Nanaimo, Cumberland, and Port Alberni and is surrounded by second growth forest. Island Timberlands owns this land and allows access to the public on a “use at your own risk” basis.

Children, seniors, naturalists, and birdwatchers have long enjoyed Hamilton Marsh. It is the largest water bird brood marsh on this part of Vancouver Island and it’s the largest body of water in the French Creek Watershed. The woods surrounding it are also home to many red and blue listed species.

In addition to the over 130 species of birds recorded at Hamilton Marsh, it also has resident Cutthroat, Coho Salmon, and Three Spine Stickleback. Amphibians include Red-legged Frogs, Tree Frogs, Salamanders - Longtoe, Clouded, Northwest Redback, and others (source for fish & amphibians: David Clough, Biologist). Hamilton Marsh has also been identified as an exceptional dragonfly habitat.

Area residents and various organizations are working with the owner to ensure its future and have it converted to park land.

For directions and more information on Hamilton Marsh, visit the Friends of French Creek Conservation Society, Hamilton Marsh Committee's website.
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diane eriks
I was at Hamilton Marsh today and what a beautiful place. I was there in the early 80s and had the honor of seeing a large Rosevelt Elk not sure of the spelling . The rack on this Elk was incredible as it was on the other side of the marsh. I hope that everyone who goes to visit this pristine place leaves it clean and respected as it should be. There are not a lot of places like this anymore. So enjoy but be kind.

Entered: 8/1/2011 5:46:45 PM
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