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Seven Wonders of Oceanside

Seven Wonders of Oceanside

Explore the Seven Wonders of Oceanside

The Parksville & Qualicum Beach region is home to some of the most popular Vancouver Island tourism attractions

Local Parksville and Qualicum Beach region residents and visitors alike were encouraged to vote for the attractions they felt best represented the truly unique experience of our region between August 1 and August 31 of 2007. Here are the Seven Wonders of Oceanside in alphabetical order:

Cathedral Grove
Horne Lake Caves
Milner Gardens & Woodlands
Rathtrevor Beach Park
The Aquarium at The Landing Restaurant
The Boot at Paradise Adventure Golf
The Old School House Arts Centre

Old Growth Forest at Cathedral Grove Provincial Park, BC Park - One of 7 Wonders of Oceanside
Spelunking at Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park, BC Park  - One of the Seven Wonders of Oceanside
Artist Garden at Milner Gardens & Woodland, Qualicum Beach garden attraction - One of the 7 Wonders of Oceanside
Low tide at Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, BC Park, Parksville beach - One of the Seven Wonders of Oceanside
The aquarium at Pacific Shores Spa Resort Landing Grill - One of the Seven Wonders of Oceanside
The Old Womans Shoe at Paradise Adventure Golf, Parksville mini golf attraction - One of the 7 Wonders of Oceanside
The Old School House Arts Centre, Qualicum Beach gallery attraction - One of the 7 Wonders of Oceanside

No trip to the Parksville and Qualicum Beach region of Vancouver Island would be complete without experiencing the Seven Wonders of Oceanside. Here are more details about these awesome attractions, but don't take our word for it, explore them on your own!

Cathedral Grove

One of the most popular attractions on the trip from Parksville to Tofino

Located at the top end of Cameron Lake, only minutes from Qualicum Beach and Parksville, Cathedral Grove / MacMillan is a BC Provincial Park preserving a section of lush old-growth forest that is unique to Vancouver Island. Plan to spend a few hours wandering Cathedral Grove's trail system and gazing up at 800 year-old giants. This provincial park gives the visitor a sense of what Vancouver Island and the west coast looked like before the arrival of European settlers.

Horne Lake Caves

Experience the "Best Natural Outdoor Site in BC" during your Vancouver Island getaway

Vancouver Island is home to more than 1,000 caves. At Horne Lake, you can experience the magic of the underground world within this unique park. Spelunking is the art of cave exploration and Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park is the perfect place to try this adventurous activity. From educational family-oriented tours to deep, dark adventure, the caves protected within this park offer something for everyone.

Milner Gardens & Woodlands

Immerse yourself in one of the Top 10 Gardens in Canada, according to Canadian Geographic.

This setting is like no other. Visited by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the 60 acres of woodland, ten acres of garden surrounding a heritage house was the dream of one woman, Veronica Milner. Veronica gathered plants from the temperate zones of the world, including a significant collection of Rhododendrons. It was her vision that created Milner Gardens & Woodland, and incredible combination of garden and old growth forest.

Rathtrevor Beach Park

The most popular provincial park with camping facilities on Vancouver Island

Majestic old growth trees, beautiful ocean sunsets, a wide sandy beach, and campsites nestled amongst mature Douglas-fir trees makes Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park in Parksville one of the premier vacation destinations on Vancouver Island. At low tide, the ocean recedes almost a kilometer, providing an ideal place for visitors of all ages to play in the sand and explore the shoreline.

The Aquarium at The Landing Restaurant

Watch Pacific Ocean sea life up close

Diners at the Landing can expect gourmet quality dishes alongside stunning views and a breathtaking floor-to-ceiling saltwater aquarium. The 27,000 litre aquarium mesmerizes diners with the tranquil comings and goings of the resident Pacific salmon - offspring of the resortís own small fish hatchery, and other local sea life.

The Boot at Paradise Adventure Golf

The Parksville mini-golf course that started it all 20 years ago

Enjoy the profusion of colour from over 5,000 flowers, cascading waterfalls, fountains and finely crafted fantasy scenes. Marvel at the two exquisite ľ scale miniature golf courses which features a full rigged pirate galleon, treasure cave, 45 foot tall old woman's shoe, watermill, lighthouse, Victorian mansion, village church, and much more!

The Old School House Arts Centre

Experience Vancouver Island arts & culture up close and personal

The Old School House Arts Centre, a heritage building that is home to three galleries featuring monthly exhibtions by British Columbia artists. The Gift Shop showcases over 100 Vancouver Island craftspeople and paintings by top local artists. Fifteen Resident Artists practice their craft and welcome over 30,000 visitors to this, one of the cultural focal points of the region.

Visitor Comments
Kathy Cenerini
My vote is for the Goats on the Roof market and Parksville's beach/boardwalk/park. I've never really enjoyed Milner Gardens but that's just me.

Entered: 6/1/2013 4:32:40 PM
ZacHary Witham
Paradise Fun Park, the best fun thing to do In Parksville! The Big Shoe is cool! I can see why it is one of the Seven Wonders in Oceanside!

Entered: 3/27/2011 3:31:58 PM
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