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myPQB Story - Smitten with Parksville Qualicum Beach
Category: Multi-Adventure Excursions  |  Location: Qualicum Beach
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  • Beautiful Qualicum Beach

    Beautiful Qualicum Beach
    Photo: Jennifer Caldwell
I first visited Parksville / Qualicum Beach in the summer of 1995. Driving along the old highway, I rounded the bend, and there was the main beach in all its glory! I even remember the song playing on the radio. I was smitten.

I stayed at a local campground with my then 7 year old son. It was magical.

For decades I have had the dream of moving to Vancouver Island, and recently it got real. I have sold my house in Coquitlam, BC. With the sale of the house, I am able to pay off my mortgage, debts, buy a house in Qualicum Beach, and still have some left over for a nest egg.

I am so thrilled to be moving to my dream house in January. Life is good. :-)

- Vicky Robinson, myPQB Story Contest
Posted By: Vicky Robinson on Aug 9, 2017

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