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Waterfront Walkway at Parksville Beach
Category: Beaches & Swimming  |  Location: Parksville
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Patrick Lundgren - Parksville Beach

Photo: Patrick Lundgren, 2012 myPQB Story Contest

Parksville's beautiful Waterfront Walkway extends from the base of McMillan Street to the Beachside Drive turnaround just before Surfside RV Resort.

A wooden boardwalk runs in front of the Beach Club Resort, then continues as a paved path along the waterfront.

The total distance is about 1 km, making for a fantastic leisurely stroll of about half an hour there and back along the path.

The Parksville Waterfront Walkway is a welcoming spot for dog-walkers, joggers, families, cyclists, skateboarders and people on rollerblades.

Posted By: Sharyn Sadauskas on Jul 11, 2013

From: Randa McClarty
Entered: Sep 9, 2019
Wheelchair accessibility

You should also mention, the entire walk works very well for people in wheelchairs. My mom, who is also a senior and has difficulty walking, was able to push me (as I am in a wheelchair), from Macmillan Street all the way to the end and back. There were also plenty of benches to rest along the way. We also saw an elderly gentleman pushing a wheelchair along the boardwalk, as well as a lady in a motorized wheelchair. This kind of information would be very useful if it was listed because we are visiting from out of town and only found out about the boardwalk from one of the residents in a shop in Qualicum.

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