WildPlay Element Parks

When you want a smile so big it puts spit on your earlobes, there's only one place to go.

Just 20 minutes from downtown Nanaimo is Vancouver Island's biggest Aerial Adventure and Ziplines Park.

Choose from five awesome Element activities, or do them all if you want "ultimate WildPlayer" cred (and a deal):
* Bungy Jump - the ancient rite of passage with a 150-foot leap you can do in over 16 styles (at six knee-knocking levels) that drop toward, or into, the Nanaimo River * Primal Swing - arcs of adrenaline you'll feel in your gut as the giant 150 foot pendulum hurtles at 140km/h through the cool river canyon.
* Ziplines - a flight without feathers as you rush 900 feet, cris-crossing high above the river.
* Adventure Courses - a series of challenging obstacle games and ziplines in the tree-tops, up to 60 feet above ground.
* What's To Fear (WTF) Jump - freakish free-fall fun starts 40 feet in the air as you gather your gumption and plunge from the perch!

Want to know more? WildPlay.com has all the answers, plus some great bundles to really jam your day with good times. Or call 1-855-595-2251.