Tamara's Big Little Comedy & Storytelling Showcase

4:00 PM - 5:45 PM

A live comedy show with a focus on storytelling but still lots of jokes. Hosted by Tamara Paulin, and featuring local Vancouver Island comedians and storytellers of all levels from first-timers to professional performers. It's a fun, casual, friendly event designed to put a smile on your face.

Coffee and snacks are available. Doors open at 3:30pm.

This is our 3rd show, and our first 2 shows sold out, so we recommend getting tickets while you can!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q: Who's going to be on the show?

A: It's a surprise. We rotate performers so it's a unique show every time. If you're looking to see a particular headliner and their full act, check out some other local shows. But, if you're ready to be surprised, come join us! On the plus side, this format guarantees we'll always have a show, even if behind the scenes we have to change our lineup. It also means that headliner-level comedians can debut fresh, new material in a casual atmosphere.

Q: I have a ticket. What time should I show up?

A: The coffee shop closes at 3pm, then re-opens at 3:30pm so you can get settled before the 4pm start. We may still be moving tables and chairs when you arrive, but it's all part of the fun. This tight setup time helps with scheduling the coffee shop's staff.

Q: Why is the ticket that price?

A: The cost of live entertainment varies. We have chosen this price because someone aced Economics 101 and loves charts about price elasticity of demand. (Hey, you asked.) Also, our top priority is filling the venue to the brim (coffee pun) with a great audience. Nothing feels better than the energy of an amazing crowd. We have several volunteers helping. Your admission fee goes to support our performers and their travel expenses. Your food and beverage purchases help support the venue.

Q: I saw a comedy show once and the subject matter was a real turn-off.

A: We hear you. This show is for adults, and there may be a few salty words, but we aim for a tasteful show that's just edgy enough to be hilarious. That being said, it's unscripted, and anything can happen. All we can tell you is we've had great audience feedback on our first 2 shows.

Q: How do I recommend a performer? Like me?

A: Please contact Tamara at www.tapaulin.com

Q: Why is it called Tamara's Big Little Comedy & Storytelling Showcase?

A: We considered calling it "Serious Comedy," after the venue, but that seemed too obvious of a pun (even for us). Also, the show is run independently, and the staff isn't responsible for the booking of performers, so this gives them plausible deniability when people try to audition while ordering coffee. Tamara put her name on it because people called it "Tamara's Show" anyway, and a rule of marketing is to go with whatever is already sticking.

Q: No, but why is it called Comedy & Storytelling? Which is it? Aren't those the same? I'm so confused.

A: Comedy often involves stories. You couldn't endure 93 minutes of knock-knock jokes! What makes storytelling comedy, on a technical level, is the laughs per minute. Professional comedians aim for 5 laughs per minute, but this varies. You've probably seen Netflix comedy specials that are more like one-person theatre shows. Our host is a full-time author who encourages local writers to participate, even if they don't see themselves as comedians or public speakers. You just never know what talents are waiting to be revealed.

Q: But how can it be Big and Little at the same time?

A: Come join us, and find out why.