View-Scapes by Sue Clark

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Sue Clark developed an artistic stitching technique that uses fabric and thread on stretched canvas to produce dynamic Embroidered Fabric Artworks.

Using fabric and thread as a medium much in the same way she had previously used oil paint. Broad strokes of intricately shaped pieces of hand-cut fabric are layered upon a stretched canvas. The fabric pieces are then blended together and detailed with countless, hand-pulled stitches in threads of silk and cotton producing an intriguing, richly layered result.

By their very nature, fabric and thread offer sublime and subtle dimensions of light and texture which she builds upon to create vibrant, contemporary “Tree Portraits” and “View-Scapes” that rise from the canvass with a lightly sculptural and very tactile effect.

The end work is completely unique, just as in nature.

On View from July 5th - Aug 28th.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, August 6
  • Saturday, August 7
  • Tuesday, August 10
  • Wednesday, August 11
  • Thursday, August 12
  • Friday, August 13
  • Saturday, August 14
  • Tuesday, August 17
  • Wednesday, August 18
  • Thursday, August 19
  • Friday, August 20
  • Saturday, August 21
  • Tuesday, August 24
  • Wednesday, August 25
  • Thursday, August 26
  • Friday, August 27
  • Saturday, August 28