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Nanoose Bay

Nanoose Bay - Fairwinds Aerial
Schooner Cove Marina

Welcome to Nanoose Bay, one of the driest places in summertime Canada. Combined with a wet winter, the climate is particularly conducive to groves of arbutus trees, Vancouver Islandís signature evergreen with its peeling reddish bark and waxy leaves.

The moderate Pacific weather is also ideal for boaters, who tie-up at one of the peninsulaís marinas. Sailing charters, kayaking, marine excursions, and diving are all available from the Schooner Cove Marina.

Fairwinds Golf Club anchors the southern end of Nanoose Bay, while in the north itís fun to explore the winding streets and getaway homes around Beachcomber Regional Park.

Visitors can overnight at the Pacific Shores Resort & Spa or at a number of seaside bed and breakfasts and vacation rental homes located in the area.

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