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Make Parksville Qualicum Beach your base camp as you explore the central Vancouver Island Ale Trail, wineries, and distilleries.

Fern + Cedar Brewing. Image: @bcaletrailadventures

Vancouver Island Breweries

The landscape of Vancouver Island is dotted with pristine lakes, mossy forests, and... breweries! More than 40 craft breweries are scattered throughout Vancouver Island, along what is now known as the BC Ale Trail. These breweries produce artisanal beers and are often fiercely devoted to using local ingredients. Some are "ultra local," meaning they produce beer specifically for the communities in which they are located, while others distribute their brews to other parts of BC and beyond.

The variety of brews you'll find on Vancouver Island is quite striking! Every kind of beer drinker is sure to find their preferred brand or style. What's more, travelling along the BC Ale Trail is a great way to see different regions of the island and experience a wide range of local flavours and subcultures. Here we have compiled a list of the breweries closest to Parksville Qualicum Beach, all within 45-minutes driving distance.

Breweries in Parksville Qualicum Beach

  • Loveshack Libations - BC Beer Award winner for in the German Pils category. Located just north of Qualicum Beach.
  • Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company - Named Brewery of the Year at the 2017 BC Beer Awards; Gold at World Beer Awards for Blonde and Sprut; Silver at World Beer Awards for IPA. Located in Parksville.
  • Fern + Cedar Brewing - A West-Coast Gastropub food menu compliments an ever rotating selection of quality craft beer in Qualicum Beach.
  • Rusted Rake Brewing - A new farm to tap brewery in Nanoose Bay opened in early July, 2022.


To the North

  • Cumberland Brewing
  • Ace Brewing
  • Gladstone Brewing
  • Land & Sea Brewing
  • New Tradition Brewing

To the West

  • Dog Mountain Brewing
  • Twin City Brewing
  • Alberni Brewing Company

To the South

  • Longwood Brew Pub
  • Longwood Brewery
  • White Sails Brewing
  • Wolf Brewing
  • Cliffside Brewing

*Please remember to drink responsibly and hire or designate a driver when exploring the BC Ale Trail.

Wineries Near Parksville Qualicum Beach

While winemaking got its start on the island as early as the 1920s, it was in the 1980s when production really got going. At that time, growers began using newly identified grape varietals that could thrive in the maritime climate. Now, around 30 wineries operate across the island, from the Comox Valley in the north all the way down to the island's southern tip. Here is a list of the wineries closest to Parksville Qualicum Beach, all within an hour's driving distance.

To the North

  • 40 Knots Estate Winery
  • Blue Moon Estate Winery & Cider Worx
  • Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery
  • Coastal Black Estate Winery

To the West

Emerald Coast Vineyard

To the South

Millstone Estate Winery

*Please remember to drink responsibly. Hire or designate a driver when visiting the island's wineries.

Distilleries In & Near Parksville Qualicum Beach

Jim Murray, author of the worldwide best-seller Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, referred to Vancouver Island as "one of the most fascinating – and largely undiscovered – distilling regions of the world." If you enjoy spirits, you will enjoy exploring the island's burgeoning distillery scene, with a few distilleries right in Parksville Qualicum and several more only a short drive away.

Distilleries in Parksville Qualicum Beach

Nearby Distilleries

  • Shelter Point Distillery
  • Wayward Distillery
  • Antidote Distilling Company
  • Arbutus Distillery & Cocktail Lounge
  • Island Spirits Distillery

*Please remember to drink responsibly. Hire or designate a driver when visiting the island's distilleries.

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