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A More Accessible Little Qualicum Falls
Category: Walking  |  Location: Whiskey Creek
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Sharyn Sadauskas Little Qualicum Falls

Many, many times I've wanted to bring visiting family and friends to Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, especially to the incredible Upper Falls. But those who've spent time at this Provincial Park between the Coombs junction and Cameron Lake know that parts of the trails along the river are moderately strenuous and not well-suited for everyone.

Do the less mobile have to miss out on this Vancouver Island gem? Absolutely not! There is an easier way to the Upper Falls lookout. Check out the map below. I've annotated the easier trail in red.

Sharyn Sadauskas LQF Trail Map

Instead of parking at the main lot, park at the smaller area just before you reach the main parking. From there, follow the arrows along a path with much smaller elevation changes. For those who are only up for an easy hike, this is a great option. Enjoy!

Posted By: Sharyn Sadauskas on Apr 22, 2014

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