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Wall Beach Dive Site in Nanoose Bay
Category: Diving  |  Location: Nanoose Bay
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  • Sea Lion

    Sea Lion
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    Wall Beach Map
Wall Beach in Nanoose Bay has a nice shore entry dive site, that is frequented by sea lions.

Though not known for an excess of marine life, this is still a very decent dive with excellent shore access from a rocky beach. As was mentioned this site is a great place to find sea lions, as a large colony stays at the Northwest Bay log sort, not far away.

It is an easy site to find, just follow Northwest Bay road the same as if you are heading to the Madrona Point dive site, and turn on Wall-Beach Road. Then turn right on Seahaven Road, (it becomes a good gravel road) and follow it to the end where you can park.

There is the occasional octopus to be found, and lots of small creatures in the shallows, but we have found the biggest draw here is the chance of a sea lion encounter.

Sometimes there are even 4 or 6 of these large mammals at a time! It can be a little intimidating, but also very cool.

This is a great opportunity to get some video footage of the sea lions buzzing around your dive buddy. I think you will find this is always good for some follow up entertainment, or maybe even some footage to get some notoriety on YouTube.

The dive site can be also be considered available to all levels of experience, as the depth can range from fairly shallow, to much deeper than sport divers on open circuit go beyond.

If you are a technical diver, the bottom here is over 180ft (54m). Though I am not a tech diver, it is nice to know if there is anything to see down there!
Visit Don Ravensbergen's website,, for more information on Vancouver Island's best scuba diving locations.

Where to next? Check out the Madrona Point Dive Site at Nanoose Bay.

Posted By: Don Ravensbergen on Jul 4, 2014

From: Don Ravensbergen
Entered: Aug 16, 2014
Thank you

Just wanted to say thanks for posting the wall beach dive article. Another dive site just a short way down the road is Madrona Point which boasts multiple dives at this one location. Dives at both sites can accommodate all skill levels of divers, cheers.

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