4 Things You May Not Know About Parksville Low Tide

Did you know these 4 things about Parksville's beautiful beaches at low tide?

Low tide at Parksville Beach
"Parksville Beach. LOVE when the tide is out! Can walk forever before you reach the water! :) Gorgeous." - Christina Eckhart, 2013 myPQB Story Contest

1. When the tide is at its lowest, the distance from the shore to the water is about one kilometre!

2. Beach-combing expeditions may lead to the discovery of sand dollar beds, beneath-rock crab hideaways, and geoducks.

3. Low tide offers an expanse of sand marked with shallow pools - a skimboarder's delight!

4. During long summer days, Parksville's beaches are sun-baked at low tide. When the tide rises, the water is warmed by the hot sand, raising the water temperature for a gentle swimming experience.

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