Brant Geese Info & Viewing in Parksville Qualicum

Black Brant (Branta bernicla) is a small sea goose which breeds in the Arctic and primarily winters in Baja California, Mexico.

Brant Geese
Brant Geese. Photo Credit: Ed Wilson

Each spring thousands of Brant fly non-stop from Mexico to the Strait of Georgia where they have a short time to feed on eelgrass, green algae and herring roe in order to regain their weight and strength before making another non-stop flight to the Alaska Peninsula and then to their nesting grounds in Alaska, the Canadian Arctic, and beyond.

One can easily observe Brant as they feed among the local bays and sheltered beaches but watch for and obey regulatory signs restricting walking your dog on the beach and even restricting people from walking near feeding Black Brant. The restrictions are important because humans in close proximity cause the Brant to take flight, preventing them from feeding or resting.

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