Community Spotlight Series: Horne Lake Caves

Our Community Spotlight Series lets you learn more about our locals and what they love about living and doing business in Parksville Qualicum Beach. We're thrilled to feature Horne Lake Caves as this month's Community Spotlight.

Myles Fullmer - Horne Lake Caves Park Operator

Horne Lake Caves has been a popular spot for locals and visitors to explore for decades, with Horne Lakes Provincial Park established in 1971. We spoke to Park Director, Myles Fullmer, about life in Parksville Qualicum Beach and some of his favourite local spots.

Horne Lake Caves Tour Guide giving a group an into to the park

How would you describe the place you live to someone who is yet to visit?

"There is a reason that this area is the "retirement capital of Canada." This is the place to be! You could spend your whole life travelling abroad searching for a paradise that checks all of the boxes, but visitors who travel to the PQB area all speak of having the same epiphany when they realize this place offers almost everything you could want... this is a Canadian Paradise!

The ocean, the lakes, the mountains, and the rivers, are all within reach and offer an abundance of adventures and breathtaking beauty. The sense of community here is also very laid back and a pleasure to be a part of. What more could you want? There is so much that can be explored here over the course of a week; imagine what you could do with a lifetime!"

Horne Lake Caves Tour Ladder

What do you love about where you live?

"Living here in the PQB area is a great central location that makes it the perfect adventure hub with the best home fort to return to after a day filled with exploring in nature. When you hop in the vehicle and head for any destination, from Point A to Point B it's going to be beautiful and scenic in between. Mountains and Ocean together make a winning combo, and looking across the strait of Georgia is always picturesque, with islands and snow-capped mountains visible far in the distance.

I have found that many of the roads here with signs that read "Dead End" or "No Turn Around" are actually trailheads that lead to beautiful secret spots. Whether you enjoy a spontaneous adventure or spontaneous relaxation is more your style, this is a great place to live."

What other businesses should people see during their visit?

"I recommend a trip to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre to meet and learn about some of the local wildlife.You have a free day in PQB. What do you do?On a whim, I can wake up early and take my pick of an amazing day trip. I can go cave exploring, rock climbing, or hit up the bike trails. I could go sea kayaking, snorkelling, or fishing, or maybe I go golfing.

The opportunities are endless, and I do my best to take full advantage and try a bit of everything."

Horne Lake Cave Tours & Outdoor Centre

Winner of BC's Remarkable Experience Award, Horne Lake is a natural gem located only 25 minutes north of Parksville/Qualicum...