Community Spotlight Series: Pacific Prime Restaurant & Lounge

Our Community Spotlight Series lets you learn more about our locals and what they love about living and doing business in Parksville Qualicum Beach. We're thrilled to feature Pacific Prime Restaurant & Lounge as this month's Community Spotlight.

Executive Chef, Nate Catto, Pacific Prime Restaurant Lounge

Pacific Prime boasts one of Parksville’s best beachfront patios just off the Parksville Beach Boardwalk. Featuring West Coast style cuisine influenced by Executive Chef for a truly unique and exciting dining experience that is always fresh. We spoke to Executive Chef, Nate Catto, about life in Parksville Qualicum Beach and some of his favourite local spots.

A photo of a couple at Pacific Prime Restaurant & Lounge

How would you describe the place you live to someone who is yet to visit?

"It’s uniquely west coast. We are immersed in nature with thickly wooded forest trails, swimmable beaches, fishable shores, and coastal wildlife. Bustling yet not overcrowded cities with eclectic markets, cool shops and trendy restaurants. I’m living in Nanoose Bay and everything seems close enough to easily fit into a morning of afternoon, but just far enough away that you avoid the crowds."

A photo of some delicious looking plated dishes from Pacific Prime Restaurant & Lounge

What do you love about where you live?

"The temperate climate. I can walk on the beach with no jacket and an hour later be at the top of Mount Washington ready to ski down. I love the rain. I love the smell of the ocean. I love the thick green forests with moss and ferns and wildlife."

What other businesses should people see during their visit?

"Definitely check out as many of the local small businesses you can: restaurants & breweries, bakeries, cheese farms, and stop at the roadside farmstands… keep your eyes peeled!"

You have a free day in PQB. What do you do?

"Family time at the beach or mountain, followed by eating out somewhere we haven’t tried yet or at one of our favourites."

Pacific Prime Restaurant & Lounge

Pacific Prime Restaurant & Lounge boasts one of Parksville’s best beachfront patios just off the Parksville Beach...