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Qualicum Beach Golf Webcam

Qualicum Beach Camera

Check out the NEW Qualicum Beachfront Webcam too!

Webcam image taken from one of the most photographed Vancouver Island golf courses, Qualicum Beach Memorial

Visitor Comments
Brian Stopa
Very nice and look forward to our visit in June

Entered: 1/4/2014 11:58:12 AM
Deb Cameron
Green, green grass and lucky people golfing in December in Canada! No place like Qualicum Beach

Entered: 12/28/2013 3:32:21 PM
Al Beck
Having been a former resident of the Qualicum/Parksville area I can appreciate the fabulous view. Having grown up on Lasqueti Island I would like to see a Web Cam one day that would include a view of the island and Georgia Strait.

Entered: 11/21/2013 4:17:09 PM
miguel cane
Qualicum Beach... where the eagles soar, the seniors play golf and the young must leave...

Entered: 11/20/2013 1:17:19 AM
Craig Martin
Nice to see people golfing in January. We could do it in Alberta but we would need a snowblower to find the ball.

Entered: 1/31/2013 2:05:25 PM
Lily Paice
Now that is a better picture, more interesting

Entered: 3/3/2012 4:48:39 PM
Craig Martin
Great view of one of my favorite golf courses.

Entered: 3/2/2012 10:27:38 AM
Lily Paice
The first time I have seen people on the golf course since the webcam started.

Entered: 7/5/2011 7:19:37 PM
Reviewer: - Blain
Webcam Update - I am very happy to inform you folks that the NEW Qualicum Beachfront Webcam went live today! Click on the link above and enjoy!

Entered: 5/3/2011 3:52:22 PM
Claire Murphy
Greetings to the World.Life is blissful Here -On The Beach In Qualicum Beach.The sun is shining-sunrise over Milner Gardens was ohh soo calm,so naturally beautiful that it quite took my breath away.I really don,t expect life to get better.Intend to go beach hopping having fun.If you see me please wave.The Beach Bunny.Oops welcome to the skating participants you,ll love our arena.I

Entered: 4/17/2011 9:39:59 AM
Scott Walsh
The view will be great from the Tourist Info building, if the camera ever gets set up there. It will be great to see the beach..... Can't wait till we move to Ocenaside!!

Entered: 3/20/2011 11:46:23 AM
stan shikatani
I think it makes a lot of sense to move the cam to the visitor centre area. You might aim the camera towards NE or SE to to include the walking trail the beach and the ocean.It would be more compelling.

Entered: 3/18/2011 9:04:25 AM
Jo-Ann Whitman
Wow....... the rainbow looks like the pot of gold is at the beach in Qualicum. Truly magical.

Entered: 3/9/2011 10:07:30 AM
Claire Murphy
Waiting for the beach location of the Qualicum Beach web cam.There,s no snow on The Beach in Qualicum Beach. " The Beach Bunny"

Entered: 2/27/2011 5:38:37 PM
Reviewer: - Blain
Webcam Update - Hi Everyone. You will be pleased to hear that we are proceeding with a new webcam on the beach at the Visitor Centre. The camera has been ordered and we hope to have it installed within the next few weeks.

Entered: 2/24/2011 10:01:45 AM
Diane Wilson
I have been to ualicum Beach many time. What keeps me comming back is he beach. It would be great to revisit the beach on the web cam. I agree with others that this location has me saying " Where's the beach " The tourist information centre would give a great view of Qualicum Beach

Entered: 2/24/2011 8:08:41 AM
Darrell Hahn
That's a nasty looking scene (snow). My aunt lives in QB (Vi Brown) visiting there

Entered: 2/24/2011 6:53:26 AM
Claire Murphy
Phenomenal natural beach location - Qualicum Beach - you have it all,but a true representation of your beautiful beach.Please consider the visitor a more suitable site A.S.A.P.

Entered: 2/17/2011 9:16:31 AM
Birgit Davis-Todd
QB here we come! Can't wait for that first walk along the water.

Entered: 2/9/2011 5:30:25 PM
Marg Sharp
I agree with Chuck Elliott (Needles)!!!! Edinburgh, Scotland

Entered: 1/25/2011 3:57:19 PM
Nadine Aalbers-aka Ailles
My goal is to swim the pole,s I am 52 now and hoping some day I can do it. Gotta practice more eh Sammy Browm?

Entered: 1/22/2011 12:49:09 AM
Chuck Elliott
Put the web cam on the tourist info building in a secure place. It is on the beach has power and is probably alarmed already. Needles California

Entered: 1/11/2011 11:14:04 AM
Bruce Bigelow
Ahhhh, snow!

Entered: 1/9/2011 12:37:46 PM
Don Reid
No matter where you put the webcam you will find people who will not like that particular view. Lets leave it where it is and maybe add another one to give a better overview of the Strait.

Entered: 1/9/2011 11:04:20 AM
Vicki Matthew
Merry Christmas, to all our friends in Qualicum Beach from sunny Mexico! Vicki and Robin

Entered: 12/25/2010 9:21:00 AM
Nick Wallbank
Nice enough view but i echo the thoughts of others.... a view down the beach from the shady would be lovely... oh and a nice beer :) All the way from here in Cheltenham UK

Entered: 12/4/2010 8:43:31 AM
Dennis Lylyk
For those that would like a better view of the beach and a webcam at the Shadyrest contact them at and let them know. I talked to the owner today and he was wondering how many people would view it.

Entered: 12/2/2010 3:25:30 PM
Craig Martin
Looks like you got as much snow as we did in Alberta. Although yours won't last until April.

Entered: 11/25/2010 2:15:41 PM
Karen T
I agree with cameras being elsewhere... we just moved from QB to London Ontario and it's like "being home" looking at the local shots, eg PV, Columbia Beach, the Golf Course.

Entered: 11/25/2010 12:58:07 PM
richard wallbank
oh what a lovely part of the world.wish i could see the shady rest ha ha.from here in b.ham uk

Entered: 11/21/2010 8:22:31 AM
richard wallbank
put the web outside the shady rest now thats a good veiw dick b,ham uk

Entered: 11/20/2010 10:40:37 AM
Lee Third
I like the view, but why don't you just add more cameras around the place so we can click between them, this way we could get different views of different parts of Qualicum Beach. We have this sort of arrangement on a beach in Tauranga New Zealand. Qualicum Beach is a fantastic place, we so enjoyed our stay there!!

Entered: 10/31/2010 2:08:58 AM
Reviewer: - Blain
Webcam Location Update. Thanks for your patience everyone. This webcam is not entirely under our control. We are working with the Town of Qualicum Beach to find a new spot for the camera. The new location needs to provide better views while remaining secure and satisfying all our tech requirements. This has proven to be easier said than done.

Entered: 9/27/2010 11:33:28 AM
I actually really like the tree webcam! Looks great!

Entered: 9/17/2010 4:53:52 PM
Jane Paice
We need another camera, one with something going on, Fed up looking at a tree.

Entered: 9/4/2010 8:34:17 AM
Reviewer: - Blain
Webcam Location Update - Thanks for your feedback everyone. We are working on moving the webcam down to the Visitor Centre on the beachfront. We're just sorting some of the tech issues.

Entered: 8/30/2010 10:47:12 AM
Leona Mayer
Pretty soon that tree will totally obliterate the view of the ocean. Perhaps it's time to move the webcam.

Entered: 8/27/2010 12:08:15 PM
nadine vallentyne
beautiful picture i am coming out in 3 weeks for a vacation.....we come out every year its the best place on earth!!!!

Entered: 8/18/2010 5:25:21 AM
Peter Hughes
Having visited relatives in Qualicum Beach 6 times since 2001, I feel that it is my second home. How I wish it could be my first!

Entered: 8/3/2010 4:21:13 AM
jan st. germain scofield
Qualicum Beach is the most beautiful place in the world, great picture

Entered: 7/18/2010 1:40:15 AM
Reviewer: - Blain
Thanks for the feedback, Mr. Long and others, on the camera positioning. Unfortunately it took us a long time to get the camera located where it is and it's taking equally long to identify a new spot that has a better view combined with the required connectivity. Thanks for your patience as we work through this. Blain

Entered: 7/14/2010 10:52:00 AM
Bob Long
Move the camera so the beach is more visible. No one is interested in a view of the tree. Is anyone reading and taking note of the comments? Mine isn't the first such suggestion.

Entered: 7/14/2010 10:33:02 AM
vince F
I'm coming in 3 weeks YES !

Entered: 7/5/2010 9:56:41 AM
Gary Miller
Will be there soon

Entered: 7/1/2010 12:57:29 PM
marieanne robin
too beautiful this part of the world

Entered: 5/22/2010 3:05:51 AM
Wali Lohnes (nee.Golob)
Haven't been home in 8 years. Nice to see a daily reminder.

Entered: 5/9/2010 8:30:44 AM
Birgit Davis-Todd
QB is the best! We can't wait to visit soon and have a meal at Dee's.

Entered: 3/19/2010 7:16:48 PM
Alfredo Chavarria
it's the most beatiful place i had been

Entered: 3/16/2010 7:50:32 PM
Emily Martin
Where's da beach???

Entered: 2/23/2010 11:49:14 AM
Peter Towill
I like Liz Stewart's 360 degree view suggestion.That way, I will get to see my parent's home sometimes! Qualicum Beach is so beautiful.

Entered: 2/2/2010 11:32:14 PM
Brian Woolpurt
Rainy and dismal most of the time

Entered: 1/17/2010 9:23:33 AM
Birgit Davis-Todd
A lovely view but it would be so much better if the cam was on top of the Shady, our favourite place! Can't wait till our next trip out to Paradise!

Entered: 1/15/2010 4:57:56 PM
Lee James
Can you change the view , this is quite boring ,

Entered: 1/9/2010 12:57:19 PM
Michael Foster
Mow I fell home-sick, want to go and look at my eagle tree.

Entered: 1/7/2010 3:09:26 PM
C Kennedy
Really boring view. Doesn't say anything. Nothing like the QB I remember.

Entered: 12/29/2009 12:10:33 PM
Marg Sharp
Would be so good if you could resite the cam and let us ex-pats see a bit more of that beautiful beach. Thanks.

Entered: 9/15/2009 9:55:40 AM
Greg Irvine
Visited this area this past summer from Alberta. Save a place for us, I'm moving here in a few years.

Entered: 9/13/2009 10:27:02 AM
Steve Hulme
Wow - just took a peek at QB's webcam, what a beautiful ocean view today... my office is in Nanaimo and this webcam can be so relaxing, always makes me look forward to the drive home. Thanks again.

Entered: 8/31/2009 3:59:12 PM
Debbie Cameron
Beautiful Qualicum Beach! I hope to move there someday soon.

Entered: 8/17/2009 11:09:35 AM
Vince F
Miss the beach and the sun so much...It's raining everyday here in Montreal !!! Hope tu be in QB next summer

Entered: 7/14/2009 1:36:57 PM
szabo ilona
I live Budapest on Hungary.17 years since my live visit.You need a few new pictures of your wonderful beach.Its'a little paradise Vancouver Island.

Entered: 6/19/2009 11:44:32 AM
navtej singh
should be live streaming

Entered: 6/15/2009 7:31:22 PM
joseph villella
i would like to see more of ocean

Entered: 5/18/2009 10:18:45 AM
Gord,Roberta & Tucker Mebs
After 31 years in Alberta we finally moved back to Paradise!!!!

Entered: 4/22/2009 8:50:32 AM
Steven Van Diest
Boy do I ever wish we were living in QB now. We visit there often and will likely move there from teh Edmonton area within a year.

Entered: 4/18/2009 9:34:07 PM
Ho McLennan
Wow, do I miss QB!

Entered: 4/6/2009 7:43:46 PM
nadine aalbers
In all honesty, when you live there you have a pretty good idea of the tide. When I wrote what I said I realized I have been gone too long. Time for me to go home soon!

Entered: 2/12/2009 9:39:53 PM
Troy soderstrom Soderstrom
Trim out the maple tree on the bottom to create a better view line. I hear Davey tree services is a great company in that area!

Entered: 2/10/2009 12:47:06 PM
Nadine Aalber,s
The cam could be at a better angle to know the tide. But I am definetly homesick looking at the Chuk!

Entered: 2/6/2009 4:26:39 PM
Sooraj Prabhakaran
Different view ....its Snow today

Entered: 12/27/2008 7:40:04 AM
Susie Coen
Great daily reminder of why I'm moving from Edmonton to Qualicum Beach!

Entered: 12/14/2008 11:59:37 AM
Marilyn Newell
It is minus 25 (not counting the wind chill) in Southern Alberta today. Nice to see that Qualicum has rid itself of the snow I saw on the webcam yesterday. Looking forward to being home to QB next week to warm up. (Your predicted -8 will be a chinook to me. It's been great seeing the daily changes via web cam. Thanks.

Entered: 12/13/2008 9:11:09 AM
ANdrew waldegrave
looks ok neet site

Entered: 10/22/2008 3:54:57 PM
Jim the Fisherman
The web cam is absolutely perfect. Quite a significant amount of information can actually be gleaned for those of us that want to see the cloud conditions, water conditions and wind conditions, for boating purposes, it's ideal.

Entered: 8/24/2008 4:49:26 PM
Steve Hulme
Love the webcam BUT agree that a slightly better angle showing the beach and visual of the tidal status would be useful.

Entered: 7/28/2008 10:04:29 AM
Karen Brooks
I have to agree with Maggie Murphy, not much "beach" to see, just the strait and a tree. Planning a day at the beach would be easier if the tides guides made more sense, which is why a better site for this cam would come in handy. Also, there really is nothing that identifies this as Qualicum beach, unless you know your golf courses or mountain ranges. At least a page on this site where it said whether the tide was "IN" or "OUT" and if it was going "IN" or "OUT". Beneficial for the people who live here and the tourists who aren't staying right on the beach.

Entered: 7/12/2008 5:49:05 PM
Liz Stewart
It would be nice if the camera moved and we got a view of 360' degrees. good job though.

Entered: 7/4/2008 7:42:25 AM
Maggie Murphy
Sorry folks, all I see is a patch of green a large tree and a whole lot of white , which could be anything. Why not a picture of the beach so that we know if it's sandy or not, golfers will golf in the rain or any weather but going to the beach with the kids is always a gamble. Tide guides aren't much help in that respect. Even if I lived out of town I would probably want to see the 'Beach' in Qualicum Beach. Parksville has their camera positioned in a great spot . Maybe you could borrow a page from their book! Sincerely , M. Murphy

Entered: 6/27/2008 10:18:54 AM
Jim Morrison
Now that we have an RV site at Spider Lake Springs, it is very nice to check the weather and tides before we travel from Victoria. Well done.

Entered: 6/26/2008 9:46:28 AM
jan pinney
Super - now I can watch the days vicariously until I can move there. Can't wait!

Entered: 6/20/2008 10:23:10 AM
Jorge Suarez
Nice! I want to be there!

Entered: 5/22/2008 3:21:14 PM
Ingeborg Feenstra
Hello Canada, you are such a great country! I will visit you in the future, because it just has to be! My parents who have been there are making me mad with their stories. Wish I was there already......

Entered: 5/11/2008 4:25:24 AM
Jill Carter
Great webcam, I can now check when the tide is out for dog walking on the sandy beach. Hope to see more webcams of our beautiful Qualicum Beach............. Qualicum Beacher

Entered: 5/3/2008 9:20:30 AM
Sadie Houghton
Congratulations! from us in Witney, Oxfordshire, U.K. Now I can see what kind of day (weather-wise) you are experiencing in Qualicum & maybe even spot my son on the Golf Course.

Entered: 5/1/2008 9:27:30 AM
Travis Christie
thats pretty chill

Entered: 4/24/2008 7:42:51 PM
lily paice
Would like to see more cameras around so other towns can view the area

Entered: 4/19/2008 4:13:34 PM
Anne Van Oostrum
it's awesome our relatives and friends, where ever they are in this world will enjoy this.

Entered: 4/19/2008 9:34:52 AM
Gil Long
fantastic - well done

Entered: 4/18/2008 5:55:04 PM
Norm Harder
Not a golfer, fairway or green in sight - just a HUGE water hazard.

Entered: 4/18/2008 2:00:21 PM
David Holland
Super view, now I don't have to look out my window... Qualicum Beach dweller.

Entered: 4/18/2008 11:34:13 AM
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