10 Ideas on Where to Take Visiting Family & Friends

We asked you what you like to show friends and family when they come to visit Parksville Qualicum Beach and we were blown away by all your answers! Here are some of the ideas you shared with us.

Whether you're looking for family-friendly activities or seeking outdoor fun with your best pals, Parksville Qualicum Beach offers unforgettable adventures for all ages and explorers. Don your hiking boots, pack a picnic blanket, and save some room for several culinary delights. In addition to various nature spots, the local shopping and arts scenes are just some of the ways to enhance your Parkville Qualicum Beach-based outing.

1. Take in Picturesque Outdoor Scenery

A pair of friends look at an infographic at the Qualicum Beach Heritage Forest.
Qualicum Beach Heritage Forest

Parksville Qualicum Beach is home to a variety of outdoor areas, where lush greenery and exciting hiking trails await. Take in the cascading sights of Englishman River Falls, wander through a crowd of towering trees at the Qualicum Beach Heritage Forest, and relax near the low tides of Rathtrevor Beach. After a day of outdoor exploration, make your way to the Coombs Old Country Market and discover an array of local goods.

"Always Englishman River Falls or Little Qualicum Falls, Coombs Market, Qualicum Beach Heritage Forest, Rathtrevor Beach and trails." - Rhoda

2. Stroll Through Local Markets & Attractions

A goat stands on the roof of the Coombs Old Country Market in Parksville Qualicum Beach.
Coombs Old Country Market

Create unforgettable experiences with various Parksville Qualicum Beach attractions. Bring your little ones and admire a group of goats grazing on the roof of the Coombs Old Country Market. Looking for warm weather activities? Swim through the pristine waters of Cameron Lake, hike to the top of Little Mountain Lookout, and take a leisurely stroll along the Parksville Boardwalk.

"Coombs Market/Goats on the Roof, Lake Cameron and Cathedral Grove, Little Mountain, Parksville Boardwalk." - Laura

3. Combine Your Nature-Filled Outing With Scrumptious Bites

A crowd of people standing by the sandy shore of Parksville Beach.
Parksville Beach

After exploring various stunning beaches and parks in Parksville Qualicum Beach, it's highly recommended to complete an adventurous outing with a relaxing stroll through local shops and vendors at the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market, finding organic produce and handcrafted items. Enhance your outing with various options for scrumptious delights, including eateries, coffee shops, and breweries.

"Our beautiful beaches and local parks. We always take our guests to the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market because they get to shop from local Vancouver Island makers, bakers, and growers. We like to pick up items and have a picnic at the beach. For food and beverages we have several favourites which include Flyte Cafe, Rusted Rake Brewing, Realm Food Co, Nanoose Bay Cafe, Wild Culture Bakery, DeLile, and Q Burger. We are fortunate to live here!" - Launie

4. Be Immersed in Parksville Qualicum Beach's Local Arts Scene

An array of decorations from a local artist in Parksville Qualicum Beach.
Tweet Houses by Naomi

Dive into a burgeoning arts scene in Parksville Qualicum Beach. Bird enthusiasts will relish finding art inspiration from wildlife watching, as well as discovering charming keepsakes and bird house accents from the "Tweet Houses by Naomi." Art lovers will enjoy exploring galleries and studios which spotlight a variety of local works.

"The local artists such as Tweet Houses by Naomi!" - Suzanne

5. Shop for Second-Hand Goods & Vintage Items

The outside storefront of SOS Thrift Shop in Parksville Qualicum Beach.
SOS Thrift Shop

Shop 'til you drop with retro styles, second-hand accessories, and more. Parksville Qualicum Beach is a shopping hub for one-of-a-kind items, including budget-friendly vintage clothes from the SOS Thrift Shop.

"Love the SOS. Such a great thrift store, and does phenomenal charity work." - Beverley

6. Experience Family-Friendly Whimsical Adventures

Two people looking at the water of Rathtrevor Beach.
Rathtrevor Beach

Create your own children's tale with plenty of charming areas in Parksville Qualicum Beach, including live theatrical performances, sandy shores, goats on a roof, spacious playgrounds, and more.

"Have lived here in Parksville for the last 32 years, and in Nanoose Bay before that for 17. Favourite places are Rathtrevor Beach, Lion's Adventure Playground in the Community Park and our beautiful new outdoor theater! And outside the city, always enjoy Goats on the Roof at Coombs Market, Englishman River Falls and Milner Gardens & Woodland! Love where I live!" - Tina

7. Capture Photo-Worthy Memories Near the Water

A person standing on the shore of Rathtrevor Beach.
Rathtrevor Beach. Image: @juliiathompson

Spots such as Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park and Moorecroft Regional Park offer opportunities for sweeping and panoramic photographs of your family, rocky shores, a clear blue sky, wooded areas, and a distant horizon. Some of our parks also house several little critters, functioning as sanctuaries for nature and wildlife.

"Beachcomber Regional Park, Rathtrevor Beach Provinicial Park and Moorecroft Regional Park." - Trish

8. Embrace the Outdoors with Lush Greenery and a Wildlife Centre

A set of afternoon tea delights that overlook the Milner Gardens and Woodland.
Milner Gardens & Woodland

Journey through Parksville Qualicum Beach with some of our delightful destinations, including nature- and wildlife-focused spots. Take a walk on the wild side with the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre, which rescues and rehabilitates a variety of animals. Wander through stunning floral displays and visit the iconic Camellia Tea Room at Milner Gardens and Woodland.

"We love Milner Gardens & Woodland and North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre. Both are great places to visit!" - Jo-Anne

9. Embark on a Scenic Hike Through Breathtaking Areas

The cascading water of Englishman River Falls.
Englishman River Falls

There's no shortage of hiking trails and gorgeous walking paths in Parksville Qualicum Beach. Take in the fresh air and experience cascading beauty, a thrilling suspension bridge, and a quiet sea of trees.

"We have only lived in Parksville for a year but have found so many places to explore. Rathtrevor Beach, The Community Park, Englishman River, Little Qualicum Falls, Top Bridge, Englishman River Estuary, Heritage Woods, Little Mountain and many more!" - Wanda

10. Unwind with the Soothing Sounds and Sights of Nature

A family lounging by Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, BC.
Qualicum Beach

Plan for a health and wellness trip, indulging in a serene getaway with a walk through old-growth forests and a picnic on a sandy shore.

"Qualicum Beach Heritage Forest, beaches at low tide." - Sharon

Stunning Coastline


Relax on our sandy beaches, where the tides are welcoming year-round. Image: @juliiathompson

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