A Hidden Treasure - Lighthouse Country

Walking and hiking in forests that are home to Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Western Red Cedar trees, which have been standing over us for eons and are home to squirrels, wood peckers, ravens, eagles, bears and salmon, just to name a few of the creatures sharing these forests, is a perfect place to lose oneself in contemplation, rejuvenation, photography and connecting to nature while exercising body and mind.


This enchanted land allows us to explore these majestic forests dazzling your senses with all the different colour greens of moss, ferns and native vegetation while listening to the forest music of chattering and screeching birds, hammering wood-peckers, creeks flowing, crashing, and rippling through on their journey to the ocean. At the same time you are protected from heat, rain or snow while wandering under these regal and ancient trees imagining the presence of fairies, elves, unicorns and peoples from ancient times whose dwellings at one time were in these woods.

Following trails which are cleared and built as much as possible in keeping with the natural environment, lead you further up creeks and rivers or deeper into the forest; with the beauty of it all enticing you to keep going, to see what is around the next corner, to discover what is over that hill or down that ravine.


If your best buddy is a dog who enjoys walks, well you have just found heaven for him or her where he/she is free to run, sniff, chase, and swim with abandonment without being restricted by a leash.

This little sanctuary is called Lighthouse Country and is situated along the eastern shore of Vancouver Island. It is located midway up island between two lighthouses, hence the name, The Sisters Lighthouse just off the northern tip of Lasqueti Island (across from Qualicum Beach) and Chrome Lighthouse off the southern tip of Denman Island (across from Deep Bay). The area is roughly 300 square kilometres with a population of approximately 4-500 people consisting of a mixture of retirees and working folk. This is home to the Pentlatch speaking First Nations that have an active community in and around Qualicum Bay, a small hamlet in the area. Many talented artists and musicians call this home where beautiful, original and one of a kind artwork can be found, and where jamming is encouraged bringing both visitors and community together.


This rural and rich land, blessed with such beauty as rainforests, mountains, caves, beaches, lakes, rivers and creeks allows for a delightful playground all year round. Accommodations are varied and plentiful, with flavours of camping, resorts, hotels, B&B’s, cabins and holiday homes. Whether one enjoys walking, hiking, biking and geo-caching, horseback riding, spelunking (caving), sailing, kayaking, water-skiing, surfing, beachcombing, fishing, golf, photography, painting, skiing/snowboarding, cross country skiing, you name it, there is endless fun to be enjoyed in and around Lighthouse Country.

NOTE: It is important that visitors using these trails do so at their own risk and understand they are responsible for their own decisions, actions and behaviour. Please use common sense and judgement towards your own capabilities. Generally trails are built for single file walking and are constructed in keeping with the natural environment. So be aware of tree stumps and roots, bridges built from fallen logs, high winds and natural progression of wear and tear. Respect and be prepared for wild life. Carry water, cellphones, bear spray or bear bells and wear sturdy supporting shoes.

Welcome to Lighthouse Country.

Safety First


No matter what outdoor activity you are planning, be prepared. Follow the three Ts—trip planning, training, and taking the essentials. AdventureSmart is a great resource to help you get informed before heading outdoors.

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