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Feb 5, 2016
Live Music with The Big Mess at Smoke N Water
Feb 5, 2016
Live Music with The Big Mess at Smoke N Water

How to describe The Big Mess? Father + Son Trumpet + Voice Incomparable Music that's perfect for listening or dancing. Exhilarating Entertainment that's great to watch. Funk, Latin, Pop, Jazz, Swing, World, Broadway, Classical Dance band! No kidding!

A highly charged melting pot of music where well-known classics cozy up to unexpected rarities, with inimitable spontaneity, bringing delight & inspiration to audiences ages 3 to 103. The Big Mess coaxes audiences down the rabbit hole into a tantalizing world at once nostalgic & exotic, sultry & sweet, nutty & playful, and just a glimpse of the deranged.

For over 30 years, Marty & Kyle Shepard have been father & son. For the last five of those thirty years, they have created one Great Big Happy Musical Mess. The Big Mess has performed at festivals and events in Mexico, California, Washington and all over British Columbia. VoxMan Kyle, the ever-experimenting mad scientist of lyric & groove, is like a multi-dimensional Bobby McFerrin who escaped the zoo on a full moon with plans to storm Broadway while maintaining a nasty binge of the Blues.

VoxMan's vocal nature is a shapeshifter: snappy, sexy, liquid and lewd. As yin to VoxMan's wild yang is Marty Shepard, aka Dad, a bluesy mage & jazzy sage. He plays his horn like a thousand years of oral storytelling blooming into a passionate kiss at the heart of a blazing dance party.
Date:Feb 5, 2016
Address:1600 Strougler Rd, Nanoose Bay, BC
Location:Smoke N Water Restaurant
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