Englishman River Regional Park

Discover the wonders of Englishman River Regional Park, including serene hiking, swimming, and witnessing captivating wildlife.

Located south of Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park and Top Bridge Park & Regional Park, Englishman River Regional Park spans across 207 hectares, serving as both a park and a conservation area. The park's relatively flat and easily accessible trails offer a delightful outdoor experience for all. Explore the old, second-growth forest filled with tall douglas fir and maple trees, abundant wildlife, and great picnic and swimming spots.

moss covered branches hang in front of the clear water of the Englishman River. Credit: @Tales.on.Trails
Credit: @Tales.on.Trails

Park Activities

Hiking & Mountain Biking

Embark on a journey at Englishman River Regional Park, where you can explore a variety of loop trails that showcase the park's natural beauty. If you're seeking a more extended hiking or mountain biking experience, venture north along the scenic river trail and seamlessly continue your outdoor adventure at Top Bridge Park.


Escape the summer heat by jumping into the crystal-clear waters of the Englishman River. The river provides a refreshing and invigorating swim for visitors of all ages.

Wildlife Watching

Unleash your inner nature photographer and bird watching enthusiast at Englishman River Regional Park. With your camera and binoculars in tow, capture breathtaking images of a variety of bird species. Explore the community hatchery, home to an extensive salmon side channel, and witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of spawning salmon returning to the park every September.

Park Amenities & Map

Englishman River Regional Park offers several amenities for visitors to enjoy. There are two pit toilets available within the park. Visitors are allowed to bring their dogs to the park but are required to keep them on a leash at all times.

This map of the park will help you navigate the trails, picnic areas, parking lots, and other points of interest within the park.

Directions & Parking

Englishman River Regional Park is just a short drive away from downtown Parksville and Parksville's Resort Drive, making it a quick and convenient trip from Parksville's many resorts and fun activities. Upon arrival, there are three parking lots: two near Top Bridge and one on Middlegate Road. These parking lots offer convenient access to the park's trails, picnic areas, and river activities.

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