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Family Activities in Parksville BC
Category: Multi-Adventure Excursions
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    Mini-Golf Fun Zones
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So, you are looking for family activities in Parksville, BC's beach playground which includes miles and miles of sand at your feet. There are so many things to do in Parksville in the summer but the main thing people like to do is go to the beach.

Here is a list of family fun activities to do while visiting Parksville.

1. Play at Mini-Golf Fun Zones. This is one of our family's favourites - Paradise Fun Park.

2. Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville is one of the province's most popular family destinations and is home to many resorts (along Resort Drive). Rathtrevor includes wonderful ocean views (about five kilometers of beachfront), forest (features an oceanfront trail), and parkland (includes shaded picnic grounds and space to play). At low tide, it feels like you could walk forever as the ocean recedes almost a kilometer back from the shoreline.

3. Shop at unique boutique stores and galleries that satisfy just about any wants and needs.

4. Eat! Find a restaurant with an incredible view, cozy atmosphere, or ingredients sourced from local farms.

5. Visit Coombs for fun shops and attractions including the infamous Old Country "Goats on the Roof" Market. They have a wonderful Coombs Country Campground not far away from the market.

6. Head to Englishman River Falls Provincial Park for hiking, fishing and camping or viewing salmon in the fall.

7. Explore the sandstone beaches of Nanoose Bay, especially at Madrona Point (at the end of Madrona Drive) and be sure to check out the scuba diving if you are a diver.

8. Sample fruit wine and cheese at Mooberry Winery. I like the name... and the wine is also good. You can also visit the Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, both are located at Morningstar Farm in Parksville.

9. Be sure to enjoy a street market with lots of local culture and you never know what treasures you might find.

There is a lot more to do while visiting Parksville but we will let you discover those activities on your own.

This is a guest article by Little Monkey Rentals, a baby equipment rental company with locations in Victoria and Nanaimo.

For more ideas on things to do in Parksville Qualicum Beach: Why Visit
Posted By: Little Monkey Rentals on Jul 17, 2015

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