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Have Fun with these 3 Quirky Ideas
Category: Multi-Adventure Excursions
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  • Have Fun with these Quirky Ideas

    Have Fun with these Quirky Ideas
  • Coombs Old Country Market

    Coombs Old Country Market
    Photo: Lois Lecavalier, myPQB Story Contest
  • The Train Station Pottery Shop

    The Train Station Pottery Shop
    Photo: Lorene Kimura, myPQB Story Contest
  • Bumper Boats at Paradise Fun Park

    Bumper Boats at Paradise Fun Park
    Photo: Lorene Kimura, myPQB Story Contest
  • Riptide Lagoon Adventure Golf

    Riptide Lagoon Adventure Golf
    Photo: Andrea Knowles, myPQB Story Contest
  • Waterslide at Riverside Resort

    Waterslide at Riverside Resort
Have you seen the goats lounging on the rooftop, visited the giant Old Woman's Shoe, or perused the area's distinctive antique shops? If not, you're in for a surprise. We revel in our uniqueness and you can be sure when you leave Parksville Qualicum Beach, you'll have some interesting stories to tell your friends back home.

Coombs Old Country Market

Take a drive to the Coombs Old Country Market for a one-of-a-kind experience complete with local and international foods, locally made and imported gifts, and a herd of goats relaxing on a roof. The market also has a restaurant, deli, bakery and ice cream shop. Surrounding businesses hold unique and interesting gifts and clothing.

Boutique Shopping

If you like discovering old art deco pieces, refinished furniture, trendy clothing, hot shoes, and imported gifts, then you'll enjoy wandering the pedestrian-friendly streets of Qualicum Beach. Parksville is also stacked with small and eye-catching boutique shops selling locally crafted jewelry, earth-friendly clothing, modern fashion, and West Coast gifts. Check out our Shopping directory for details.

Fun Zones

Don't leave without getting your picture taken riding the wet and wild bumper boats at Paradise Fun Park in downtown Parksville. While you're there, sink some putts on the two world-class mini-golf courses complete with lighthouse, pirate ship, and Victorian mansion. On Resort Drive in Parksville, Riptide Lagoon Adventure Golf will whisk you away to another land filled with mini mountains, rapids and a research station. Don't miss the bumper cars and arcade. In Qualicum Beach, locals know the waterslide and pool at Riverside Resort Motel and Campground is big fun! No, you don't have to be a registered guest for access.
Posted By: Sharyn Sadauskas on Aug 29, 2017

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