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Lonely Planet Visits Parksville and Qualicum Beach
Category: Historic & Heritage Sites  |  Location: Parksville
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This past week I had the pleasure of hosting a travel writer from the Lonely Planet Travel Guide. He was updating the guide as well as checking out new and different products to share with travelers.

As part of his research he spent the night in the Free Spirit Spheres - the very cool spherical tree houses created and built by our very own Tom Chudleigh. The spheres are located on a lovely acreage in Qualicum Bay.

When I met John the next day, I asked how he slept. He said it was incredibly peaceful. Many people have spent the night in the spheres and they all talk about the inner calm they feel as the wind sways ever so gently rocking them to sleep. Another writer who I took to the spheres said it was the best sleep he has ever had.

Our day was packed with many locations including the lovely Milner Gardens & Woodland in Qualicum Beach. Geoff Ball the Executive Director of Milner Gardens took us on a wonderful tour of the gardens followed by a relaxing lunch with tea and freshing made scones.

The day flew by as we popped in and out of resorts, shops, attractions and lastly the Craig Heritage Park Museum. This proved to be the biggest surprise of the day.

When we asked what was the most unique edition to the museum we were horrified by the "torture machine". This thing was straight out of Frankenstein. We could not believe that this absolutely whacked machine was used to perm hair. It looks more like an electric chair, no kidding!

Metal all around with wired tentacles hanging down and metal clips to execute the curl. Of course you plug it in to send the current to the victims wet hair. I find it hard to believe that people really used this thing to curl their hair. Yikes! You have to see it to believe it.

The museum offered a number of very interesting antiques and artifacts but I know this one will definately be a "Must See" in the 2009 Lonely Planet Travel Guide.

The Craig Heritage Park Museum is open 7 days a week from May to the end of September and is conveniently located beside the Parksville Visitor Centre.

Posted By: Luba Plotnikoff on Jun 24, 2008

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