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March Exhibitions at McMillan Arts Centre
Category: Artists & Art Galleries  |  Location: Parksville
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  • Andre Prevost with Eagle Totem

    Andre Prevost with Eagle Totem
  • Kwagiutl Ancenstor Totem

    Kwagiutl Ancenstor Totem
  • Rick Marotz

    Rick Marotz
In March the McMillan Arts Centre presents work by three very talented artists who focus on detail and texture. Andre Prevost, Francine Champagne and Rick Marotz will be exhibiting paintings, masks and photography. The Opening Reception is on Saturday, March 7th from 1:00 - 3:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to drop in and meet the artists and enjoy complimentary refreshments.

Andre Prevost is a Vancouver-based artist who will be exhibiting in the Concert Gallery. A graduate of the Banff School of Fine Arts, Andre has been active in theatre arts stage management and also teaching Arts and Drama programs. For many years he focused on icons and murals, creating an extensive body of work in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and USA. His work, The Icon of St. Matthew, is part of the Canadian Museum of Western Civilization collection in Hull. In 2013 Andre began a journey of change and rediscovery, returning to his original paintings with a series of Totem studies in acrylic. His respect for tradition and storytelling combined with his passion for capturing detail and texture led him on a journey with the totems. "I want people to see the complexity of one part of the totem, and think about the lifespan of the totem as the wood changes with age."

Francine Champagne studied visual arts and communications at Ottawa University and now lives on Vancouver Island. Her early carvings echoed the work of First Nations Masters, with whom she was able to study and work. Francine participated in the 2014 Carving On the Edge Festival in Tofino, where she received an enthusiastic reception from island carvers. She is currently working with Qwaya Sam on a commissioned totem pole at Vancouver Island University. Francine also uses her carving skills to tell her own unique tales, creating masks from alder, yellow and red cedar. "Universal personas and people whom many of us have met before are surfacing in my masks." These interpretive masks will be on display in the Oceanside Gallery at the MAC.

Rick Marotz has had a passion for photography all of his life but his photography career on Vancouver Island started in Parksville with the Brant Festival Photo Contests. "If one has witnessed a flock of thousands of geese rising into the air, you will never forget it. Migration is one of the great wonders of nature." At eighty-six, Rick focuses his passion on waiting for the right conditions, sometimes waiting for days, to capture the moment and feel the satisfaction of having taken a great photograph. Come and view the work on display in the Nemeth Gallery and see why Rick has won six awards.

The 4H PHOTOSNAPS photography club will be exhibiting several nature-themed photographs. These enthusiastic youth presented a show in November and are returning with some of their most recent work.

Artists' Contact Details:

Andre Prevost:

Phone: 604-971-1506 or cell, 778-877-2409

Francine Champagne:

Phone: 250-248-9556

Rick Marotz:

Phone: 250-752-1923

4H PHOTOSNAPS Photography Club, contact Joan Larson:

Phone: 250-752-0395

Source: McMillan Arts Centre (The MAC) Press Release via Linda Matteson-Reynolds - February 10, 2015.

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Posted By: Linda Matteson-Reynolds on Feb 16, 2015

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