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myPQB Story - Rings of Time
Category: Multi-Adventure Excursions  |  Location: Qualicum Beach
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  • Rings of Time

    Rings of Time
Cathedral Grove... "Rings of Time" making this ole log shine bright...

Spent some time yesterday (chance encounter) with an inspiring gypsy soul of a 92 year old lady who was shining ever so bright from the inside that on the outside each and every one of her wrinkles radiated light & laughter. We actually did a little Qualicum Beach oceanside jig in the middle of my living room floor as her happiness for life could not keep her sitting still after sipping on a cup of tea.

Much like the lengthy years of a man, the rings of a tree are mapped with amazing history. Years of learnings and change make for strength and wisdom (after all the only constant in life is change).

At 92 this dear ole soul of a lady is learning to speak Spanish, reading the bible cover to cover for the first time, conquering her fear of the ocean and packing up her life and making the big move to Qualicum Beach.

Age is just the number of rings around the sun! Took this shot in her honour this morning, my muse for my next painting.

- Sharon Shales, myPQB Story Contest
Posted By: Sharon Shales on Jul 13, 2017

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