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Parksville Community Park & Lions Venture Land
Category: Parks  |  Location: Parksville
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  • Lion's Venture Land Playground and Waterpark

    Lion's Venture Land Playground and Waterpark
    Lorene Kimura Photo

When we moved to the region 12 years ago, my 2 year old daughter and I would spend hours in the Parksville Community Park complete with the fantastic Lion's Venture Land and Waterpark. Actually, it was pretty much a routine for a few years. It's an amazing place for the community and for visitors to the area.

The popularity of this gem certainly was evident yesterday. The sound of children having fun filled the air which enticed me to walk through the playground in awe of those great days on the swings, slides, zip line and oh yeah, water cannon duels. What fun!

It was so great to see hundreds of families connecting with each other and spending quality time together. It's no wonder this park is a favourite among kids and adults and that Better Homes & Garden readers and editors chose Parksville's beach as one of the Top Family Friendly Beaches in North America.

The park is free so pack a picnic and enjoy some good old fashion fun in the park!

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Posted By: Luba Plotnikoff on Aug 21, 2009

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