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Qualicum Beach Love Letter
Category: Multi-Adventure Excursions  |  Location: Qualicum Beach
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  • May Sunset in Qualicum Beach

    May Sunset in Qualicum Beach
    Photo: Suzy Castillo
Our Qualicum Beach ... We're so in love with you! We love your neighborliness, and your shared sense of community. We love the pride of place so many homeowners display in maintaining beautiful gardens. We love your civility and politeness. We love your welcome for newcomers, including those who seek a better life. We love your calm and quiet residential streets. We love your many unheralded small-town kindnesses.

We love your beaches. We love your panoramic views. We love your trails, winding through the woods. We love your trees, coniferous and deciduous. We love your climate. We love your wildlife - including the bunnies who feast on our garden's buffet.

We love your farmers' market. We love your musical events. We love your excellent theatre. We love your swimming pool and recreation centre. We love your restaurants and cafes, some of which are hidden gems. We love your many things to do.

We love your small and varied shops and services, and the friendliness of the merchants. We love your municipal workers, who keep our town so clean. We love your librarians, who encourage us to learn and enjoy. We love your start at an uptown theme - but want to see more of it, to reflect your village charm. We love your proximity to small and interesting communities, including farms.

We love your income mix. We love your volunteers, and the kindness they embody. We love your many churches, and the freedom to worship. We love your "Island time."

Our Qualicum Beach... We're so in love with you!

- Ron Fisher and Nicole Parton Fisher
Posted By: Ron Fisher and Nicole Parton Fisher on Jul 24, 2017

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