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Signs of Spring Accelerating on Vancouver Island
Category: Wildlife Viewing - Marine & Land  |  Location: Errington
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As the landscape begins to green up, buds swell and lilies start to poke through the ground, the birds erupt into their heart warming spring songs.

Pacific tree frogs, rough skinned newts and other amphibians are on the move towards water to start the cycle of new life.

In the ocean, the increasing light sparks plankton growth which the massive herring spawn is timed to take advantage of. This provides a feast for eagles, sea lions, and thousands of sea birds all milling about in an explosion of life.

If you're lucky, you may spot the resident orcas feeding on fish or the transient orcas feeding on sea lions and seals.

Patrick Walshe is owner/operator of Coastal Revelations Nature Tours

Posted By: Patrick Walshe on Mar 3, 2009

From: Barb Lyotier
Entered: Mar 9, 2009
Lighthouse Country Spring

Lighthouse Country is the place to visit this time of year. With the Herring spawn, the Boats were out in large numbers but much more important than that the ocean's natural elements are out in huge numbers.

Trying to count seagulls was as difficult as trying to count grains of sand but the majestic eagles soaring overhead or fishing from rocks and the great blue heron, the expert fishers that they are were easier to count.

From: Blain Sepos
Entered: Mar 3, 2009
Snowdrops & Frog Chorus

I live in the woods on the edge of a marsh just outside Parksville and I can attest to Patrick's spring acceleration post. Snowdrops, buds, and the beginning croaks of what will soon become the spring frog chorus are upon us. Yahoo!

Experience spring firsthand with a guided or self-guided tour of the Parksville & Qualicum Beach region's 18 parks.

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