A Rainbow of Flavours

Shop locally in Parksville Qualicum Beach to cook your own rainbow feast.

A woman enjoying restaurant food and salads in Parksville Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island.

Is there anything more aesthetically pleasing than a colourful plate? We decided to take inspiration from the rainbow, a common sight on our rainy island, and translate it to a meal full of food that has been locally produced in Parksville Qualicum Beach. Whether you follow our guide or let it inspire you to follow the rainbow to your own tastes, this is a fun way to experience a variety of local cuisine.


Start by basing your meal around a hearty protein, like steak. Cooked to individual tastes, it’s an easy ingredient to cook for one or many. Meat Craft Butchery in Qualicum Beach is a great place to find exactly the cuts you’re looking for, offering locally and ethically raised meat.


During the growing months, many vegetable producers attend the Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market, or have their own farm market—like Fierce Love Farm in Qualicum Beach, which is the perfect place to tick “orange” off your list with their crispy carrots. Grab an onion while you’re there, and then roast the two together for a fragrant and colourful steak accompaniment.


What’s a good meal without a good beverage? We decided to make “yellow” our inspiration for a refreshing drink—such as a glass of beer from Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company in Parksville. We’d be remiss not to specifically mention their award-winning blonde ale for this colour category.


A side of fresh microgreens will also suit your plate well, which happens to be exactly what Sirius Micro Farm in Errington specializes in. Microgreens have up to 40% more nutrients than mature leaves, and are packed with vitamins, C, E, and K, lutein, and beta-carotene. You’ll find their products in Naked Naturals Whole Foods in both Parksville and Qualicum Beach.


Steak topped with blue cheese is a mouthwatering combination, and you can find locally made blue cheese at Little Qualicum Cheeseworks in Parksville. Their Bleu Claire is a crumbly blue-veined raw milk cheese with a tangy bite and sweet softness.


As a starter while the steak is grilling and the carrots are roasting, pull out an easy appetizer: grab your favourite crackers and a pepper jelly from Catie’s Hot Dilled Beans—specifically the blueberry garpeno jelly.


And finally, for dessert, stop by Trees Restaurant and Bakery in Errington to pick up a fruit pie. Their apple and blackberry pie features violet hues to finish off our rainbow meal, leaving you and yours full of colourful food and memories.

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