Eat Your Vegetables in Parksville Qualicum Beach

From beautifully plated dishes to abundant health benefits, these restaurants offer inventive meals overflowing with veggies and are known to offer some of the best vegan food in Parksville Qualicum Beach.

Red, orange, green, yellow, purple…the most colourful way to liven up any meal is to fill your dish with vegetables. And don’t just do it to make your plate vibrant and aesthetically pleasing—do it for the multitude of health reasons: lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, fight inflammation, improve your skin, and so much more. If you’re in the Parksville Qualicum Beach region, you’ll find many restaurants with extensive vegan and vegetarian options that will fill you up with beautiful, healthy vegetables.

A variety of specialty bowls from Realm Food Co, Parksville, - Image:  @realmfoodco
Realm's Specialty Bowls Image: @realmfoodco

All Veggie, All the Time

Like Realm Food Co., for instance. “We get our produce from Vancouver Island Farms,” says owner James, who places a high priority on supporting local and educating the community on the importance of food sustainability. The establishment is proud to be partnered with so many local producers, listing them all on their website so you know exactly where your food is coming from.

Bowls of Colour

El Faro Market offers a different type of fare—a unique fusion of Mexican and British cuisine. They have multiple delicious bowl options that are vegan and vegetarian and full of nutritious produce. As a full-service health food market, their goal is to provide healthy food options that are packed full of flavour. (You can even get a vegan chocolate donut!)

A variety of Salt Pizzeria Pizza.  Image: @Propitiouspig
Salt Pizzeria Pizza. Image: @Propitiouspig

Produce-Laden Pizzas

When it comes to ordering up a fresh pizza, the last thing you want to find topping your pie is limp, tasteless ingredients, and Salt Pizzeria knows it. They make fresh, handcrafted pizzas using 100% organic flour sourdough, and you can order a pizza full of fresh vegetables. You don’t even have to skip the cheese if dairy isn’t for you—they believe in the importance of having options for everyone, which is why you can always opt for vegan cheese on your ‘za.

Packed with Flavour

If you’re ready to spice up your dinner and looking to enjoy some Indian food, Amrikkos Indian Grill is an excellent choice for its extensive menu with a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. Their Navrattan Korma, which is mixed vegetables cooked in a pureed cashew nut seasoned cream sauce, is even reputed to be “out of this world.”

Classics Re-Imagined

At Lefty’s Restaurant, fresh food is the foundation upon which they’ve built their restaurant and reputation since 1996. For classic sandwiches, burgers, bowls and pizza, they offer vegetarian options that are filled with flavour: think marinated artichokes, crispy, house-made falafel and sesame-cucumber aioli. They’re also a hot spot for brunch on the weekends with their veggie eggs benedict.

A Creative Process

De L’ile Restaurant is always on the lookout for farmers growing new and exciting vegetables and produce. The French word De L'île translates to "from the Island," which has been the core foundation of the business, and they create their menu in a way that makes vegetables a highlight of the dish. “It’s a process of discovery,” say owners Milena and Will.