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2017 myPQB Story Contest Winners
Category: Multi-Adventure Excursions
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  • Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

    Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park
    Little Qualicum Falls - Adam Finn, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
  • Mount Arrowsmith

    Mount Arrowsmith
    "Peeking through the clouds. Mt Arrowsmith as seen from the boardwalk along the Parksville Beach." - Barbara Hooper, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
  • Blue Heron

    Blue Heron
    "Blue heron on the water." - Claire Thiessen, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
  • Fire & Ice

    Fire & Ice
    "Only way to see Ice in PQB is at the Fire and Ice Festival in Qualicum Beach." - Jane Davidson, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
  • Waterfront Walkway

    Waterfront Walkway
    Waterfront Walkway, Parksville Community Park - Janice McOuat, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
  • Skimboarding

    "My son's favorite thing to do, Skimboard on amazing sandy beaches in Parksville!" - Kimberly Brett, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
  • Butterfly World

    Butterfly World
    "Butterfly World, Coombs, BC is a wonderful family outing." - Lorene Kimura, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
  • Wet Dog

    Wet Dog
    "What do you mean, there's a SHARK?????" - Olivia Clark, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
  • Georgia Strait Sunset

    Georgia Strait Sunset
    "Beautiful sunset over the Georgia Strait." - Tammi French, 2017 myPQB Story Contest
Congratulations to our 9 myPQB Story Contest winners! We had many awesome entries this year.

Adam Finn
Barbara Hooper
Claire Thiessen
Jane Davidson
Janice McOuat
Kimberly Brett
Lorene Kimura
Olivia Clark
Tammi French

Click the "<" and ">" photo buttons to see them all.

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Posted By: Sharyn Sadauskas on Dec 21, 2017

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