Coffee Pairings in Parksville Qualicum Beach

Enjoy your cup of coffee any time of day with delicious local fare.

Coffee is enjoyed morning, noon and evening around the world. If you’re a coffee addict who enjoys a good cuppa any time of day, Parksville Qualicum Beach is the perfect destination not only for their multiple impressive coffee roaster companies, but for the delicious pairings you’ll find to accompany each cup.

Morning Coffee

Nothing in the world matters in the morning until that crisp hot cup of liquid caffeine hits your lips. There’s no time to make breakfast until you’ve enjoyed a relaxing first cup, but to add sustenance to your first waking moments, enjoy a handful of fresh berries grown right in the Parksville Qualicum Beach region. The Qualicum Beach Farmers’ Market is a great place to find berries and fruit of all kinds, particularly in the warmer months. The sweet juice of the berries is a delightful complement to the bitterness of the coffee.

Breakfast Coffee

Once you’ve fully woken up and are ready to start the day, enjoy a cup of coffee with breakfast. Consider: a decadent chocolate waffle drizzled with chocolate sauce at Trees Restaurant & Bakery in Errington; stuffed French toast at Qualicum Beach Café with house-made brioche, lemon mascarpone and more; or a simple, melt-in-your-mouth butter croissant from De L’ile Restaurant & Bakery in Qualicum Beach.

Afternoon Coffee

When it’s time for your afternoon pick-me-up after the day begins to drag, pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and pair it with a little treat. Whether you’re in the mood for a savoury scone from Wild Culture Artisan Bakery in Qualicum Beach or a peppermint patty-stuffed cookie from Sweet Spot Bake Shop in Parkvsille, there are many options to choose from to satisfy either preference.

Dessert Coffee

Dessert and coffee go hand-in-hand, and there is no shortage of dessert options in Parksville Qualicum Beach. Regardless of if you choose to collect local ingredients to cook your own dinner or opt to dine in at a restaurant, it’s always nice to order a smooth dessert to finish the meal. At Lefty’s Fresh Food in Parksville, they make a deadly dessert called Nirvana, a combination of shortbread, pecans, cream cheese, chocolate and caramel pudding and whip cream. If carrot cake speaks to you, visit Cedars Restaurant & Lounge, also in Parksville.

Evening Coffee

Finally, end your day with coffee—though you might want to have switched to decaffeinated somewhere during the day. True North Distilleries in Qualicum Beach makes a hazelnut Irish whiskey style liqueur that adds a toasted, nutty sweetness to your coffee.

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