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Top 52 Eats - Best Restaurants Parksville Qualicum Beach

Want to sample the best this area has to offer but not sure where to go and what to order? We sifted through TripAdvisor reviews and asked our Facebook friends and fans to help compile this list of 52 things to eat at restaurants in Parksville Qualicum Beach! Check out the list and use our Restaurants in Parksville Qualicum Beach Directory to compare your options.

Tidal Taco Shack

  • 1. Back in the top spot after sitting at #2 last year, Fish Tacos from Tidal Taco Shack in Qualicum Bay are the fave in these parts! (Facebook photo via Tidal Taco Shack above)

  • 2. A newer restaurant in the area, Black Bird Schnitzel Haus has opened big in Qualicum Beach, hitting our Top 52 Eats list at #2. Choose from almost 2 dozen kinds of Schnitzel!

  • 3. Another new restaurant (opened May 2017) has captured the attention of pizza-loving locals and visitors. Check out the thin crust yumminess, especially the della Carne, at Salt Pizzeria in French Creek.

  • 4. Eggs Benny at Bread & Honey Food Company (now closed) in Parksville has been on our Top Eats list for as long as we’ve been compiling it. Check out the Marinated Tomato Benedict (I ask them to add bacon to mine, of course) for a special treat.

  • 5. Want to know this area’s best chicken wings? You’ll find them at Qualicum Bay’s West Coast Food House! Wednesday is Wing Night. Put it in your calendar.

  • 6 thru 8. Fish & Chips! French Creek Marine Pub (6), Fish Tales Café in Qualicum Beach (7), and Ship & Shore at Deep Bay Marina (8) are the top go-to’s.

  • 9. Visit the Sandbar Café in Qualicum Beach when they’re having one of their special Korean Food Nights!

  • 10 thru 12. French Press Coffee Roaster in Qualicum Beach. Mouth-watering, Fresh-Baked Goodies (mmmmmincemeat tarts, anyone?) (10) and tasty Sandwiches (11). Finish with a Latte (12) made with locally roasted beans!

  • 13. Fried Chicken Sandwich at Bread & Honey Food Company (now closed) in Parksville. Sounds so simple but it’s oh-so-good!

  • 14 & 15. are from Sam’s Sushi in French Creek. The Sushi Combos (14) are a great way to have a little bit of everything. The very best roll with a kick is Sam’s Red Eye Roll (15)!

  • 16 & 17. New Canton Restaurant in Qualicum Beach. Try the Salt & Pepper Squid (16) and the Hong Kong Style Crispy Noodle Chow Mein (17).

  • 18 thru 21. Burgers! The best of the best are from the Knockananna Grill food truck (18), Whiskey Creek’s Island Drive In (19), Gary’s Bistro in Qualicum Beach (20), and PaPa’s Burgers(21).

  • 22. Full Afternoon Tea at Milner Gardens & Woodland. Sandwiches, sweets, and scones with Devon Cream, oh my!

  • 23 & 24. are at Amrikko’s Indian Grill in Parksville. Have the Butter Chicken (23), of course, or the Chicken Korma (24).

  • 25 thru 27. Specialty bowls at Realm Food Co. Order the Ixim (pronounced “shim” – I had to ask) Bowl (25), Arrowsmith Bowl (26), or Bliss Bowl (27), all made with real local flavour.

  • 28. Nirvana at Lefty’s (locations in Parksville and Qualicum Beach). Layers of shortbread, cream cheese, and chocolate caramel pudding on a pecan crust. It’s just as heavenly as it sounds!

  • 29 & 30. Cuckoo in Coombs. Start with the Focaccia Chanterelle (29), then enjoy one of their traditional Italian thin crust pizzas (30).

  • 31 & 32. are at The British Bobby Restaurant in Parksville. You can’t go wrong with the Vegetarian Ginger “Chicken” (31) or the Vegan Pie (32).

  • 33 & 34. More from Tidal Taco Shack in Qualicum Bay. Once you’ve tried the fish tacos (perhaps several times!), check out the Vegan Burrito (33) and the Sweet Thai Chicken Taco (34).

  • 35 & 36. Island Sodaworks (now closed) in the old Qualicum Beach firehall. Enjoy the Vegan Pho (35) or the Seoul Bowl (36). Owner, Mandolyn Jonasson, is passionate about serving up beautiful and delicious dishes.

  • 37 thru 39. are at Pacific Coastal Roast in Parksville. They’ve got 100% natural Fruit Smoothies (37) and Artisan Coffee from beans roasted onsite (38) for your mornings. And epic Cinnamon Buns (39) for when a special treat is in order.

  • 40. Crepes at Courtyard Café in Qualicum Beach. They’ve got a menu full of things on, in, or made of crepes!

  • 41 thru 43. More from Ship & Shore at Deep Bay Marina. We’ve already mentioned them for Fish & Chips (see #8) but you really should also try their Seafood Chowder (41), Calamari (42), and Hand-Crafted Pizzas (43).

  • 44. Butter Chicken at the lovely Bistro 694 in Qualicum Beach.

  • 45. Sandwiches (that bread tho!) at the Brew Coffee House (formerly Beach Counter Café) in Bowser.

  • 46 & 47. West Coast Food House. Not only do they have the best Wings around here (see #5), they also serve a wicked Twisted Shrimp (46) and a drool-worthy Seafood Hotpot (47).

  • 48. Absolutely divine Butter Tarts at Trees Restaurant. By the way, did you know that Canada is the birthplace of the butter tart?

  • 49. Savoury Pies (especially the Steak & Stilton) in the cozy English pub atmosphere of the Black Goose Inn in Parksville.

  • 50. Outstanding Pizza at one of Vancouver Island’s most romantic restaurants – Giovanni’s in Qualicum Beach.

  • 51. Vietnamese Spring Rolls at Mekong River in Parksville. For when the time is right for deep fried goodness.

  • 52. Vegetarian Curry Chips from the Knockananna Grill food truck. You can often find them outside one of our 2 local breweries on the BC Ale Trail – Love Shack Libations in Qualicum Beach and Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Company in Parksville.

  • Do you have other suggestions? Comment below! Bon Appetit!

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